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With Mexico Bariatric Center®, you are never alone. Our team in the United States and Mexico is with you every step of the way.

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Ron Elli Ph.D. Founder and CEO of Mexico Bariatric Center

Ron Elli, Ph.D., founded Mexico Bariatric Center® (MBC) in 2012 to fight the obesity pandemic by assembling a team of the best bariatric surgeons in Mexico and the most qualified personnel. Ron and his team are responsible for MBC’s success as a prominent leader in the Mexican medical tourism industry. MBC has transformed the lives of over 25,000 patients worldwide by offering premium, affordable weight loss surgery in Mexico.

MBC provides exceptional, all-inclusive, personalized packages of the highest quality at the lowest prices! Here are a few reasons why you should join the MBC family for your weight loss surgery in Mexico.

  • World-Class Board-Certified Surgeons
  • Hospital Facilities Dedicated to Bariatric Surgery
  • Managed Daily Surgeons’ Load
  • Trusted United States-based Corporation
  • A+ Rated by the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Medical Tourism Association (MTA) Certified
  • FMLA and Return to Work Forms
  • Nutritionist Support Program
  • U.S. Surgeon Liaison
  • Private Ground Transportation
  • Medical Tourism Insurance (optional)
7 Best Bariatric Surgeons in Mexico - Exclusive Network

World-Renown Mexico Bariatric Surgeons

To achieve the most outstanding patient care possible, Mexico Bariatric Center works with a network of masterful weight loss surgeons in Mexico who pride themselves on delivering the highest success rates and lowest complication rates.

  • Over 25,000 Successful Surgeries Performed

  • Double Board-Certified in Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery

  • Fellowship of American College of Surgeons (FACS)

  • State-of-the-Art Technology and Equipment

In aggregate, our exclusive medical specialists have over 100 years of combined experience and are scheduled for a maximum of three to four weight loss surgeries per day for patient safety.

Is Weight Loss Surgery Right For Me?

Bariatric surgery shifts the body’s metabolic set-point for quick and permanent weight loss. Studies have shown bariatric surgery’s effect on reducing or even curing obesity-related comorbidities, including type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and Coronavirus risk.

Use our free BMI calculator to determine if you are a candidate to undergo weight loss surgery in Mexico. Our general requirements include a BMI of 30+, between 16 to 70 years old, and good heart health.

Want to get more information or speak with one of our amazing patient coordinators? Start by filling out the Health Questionnaire to get approved!

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Mexico Bariatric Center Performing Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Quality Medical Care with a VIP Treatment

Our newly-renovated hospital facility is one of the most experienced weight loss surgery centers in Baja, California, Tijuana. Mexico Bariatric Center doctors specialize in minimally invasive procedures using advanced technology and innovative medical devices.

Its proximity to the United States border makes it one of the most practical installations for bariatric and plastic surgery. Clinical professionals in Tijuana and Guadalajara working with MBC follow strict protocols and sanitary measures that comply with all international standards for providing excellent care. The primary concern is the safety of our patients!

Mexico Bariatric Center Performing Gastric Sleeve Surgery

All-Inclusive Weight Loss Surgery Procedures

As the #1 facilitator of weight loss surgery in Mexico, MBC’s surgical teams offer a complete array of laparoscopic and endoscopic bariatric procedures in North America and South America.

Getting Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico - Mexico Bariatric Surgery Center

Affordable Costs and Payment Options

Starting from $4,395 without sacrificing patient care, outcomes, and support. As the leading Healthcare Tourism Operator, we make traveling to Mexico safe, easy, and accessible. Our staff is literally by your side through the entire process, from initial contact, destination support, pick-up to drop-off, and aftercare support. In the United States, gastric sleeve surgery can range from $12,000 to over $20,000. Why pay more for the same surgery? Mexico Bariatric Center® strives to offer the most affordable Mexico weight loss surgery.

Learn why so many people trust Mexico Bariatric Center to lose extra pounds and transform their lives forever. Join the expert clinicians, including RNs and physicians, who choose our dedicated obesity treatment center. See more testimonials and witness transformation firsthand.

Mexico Bariatric Center Weight Loss Surgery Patients