2021 is the year to start showing yourself some love and embracing all of your flaws! Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to spread some positivity with others and yourself. Here are five simple tips to give yourself more love after bariatric surgery.

#1. Follow up Negative Thoughts with Positive Ones

We all have those days where we tend to nitpick at everything about ourselves. A good way to boost your mood and enhance your self-confidence is to follow up every negative thought about yourself with at least one positive thought. Practice these affirmations daily to boost your self-confidence:

  • My flaws make me unique
  • Doing my best is enough
  • My body is healthy, and I’m gracious
  • Small steps are still progress
  • I don’t allow negative thoughts to control me!

“I’ve sewn myself a new wardrobe. Much easier to do now I fit into a more ‘normal’ size range and can buy patterns. 45 items of clothing made in the last year. A hobby that gives me so much confidence.” – Amy (Real Patient)

#2. Keep a “Top 10”

Try keeping a list of ten things you like about yourself. These ten things can be physical or mental. To take this further, you can list specific achievements or experiences that happen in your daily life, and review them the next morning.

Having a list of positive things you’ve thought about yourself and your personal achievements will remind you of how wonderful you are and will turn away negative thoughts!

Fun in the Sun - How to Improve Self-Love After Bariatric Surgery

“I am thankful to have the energy to go outside with my son and play with him!” – Latasha (Real Patient)

#3. Treat Yourself

Do something nice to appreciate yourself. A task as simple as a bubble bath, going for a walk, or even splurging on a new top can brighten your day! Try making your own homemade bath bombs; throwing on your favorite songs while you create your own mini spa can help to decompress even more!

Finishing your night with a movie and some sugar-free chocolates will make for a great end to your day.

“My willingness to try new things that before surgery I would have talked myself out of. I have discovered a love for kayaking!” – Jen (Real Patient)

#4. Celebrate Your Wins

Every day, congratulate yourself on something you’re proud that you have achieved. We often forget to give ourselves recognition for our accomplishments, no matter how big or small.

Try to imagine what a friend would say about your accomplishments and tell yourself these positive words of encouragement. We’ve all heard the saying we’re our own worst critics, so let’s practice being our own biggest fans!

Lose Weight and Look Great - How to Improve Self-Love After Bariatric Surgery

“2 Years ago today!! I feel like a bad Ba$$ let me tell you!! Never knew I had this much confidence hiding in me!! I will be forever grateful down 150lbs!!!” – RNY Patient

#5. Recognize that Beauty is Within

Do you ever look at the number on the scale and feel disappointed? Oftentimes, we tie our self-worth with achieving a specific goal weight. It is important to remember the number on the scale doesn’t represent our progress.

Since our weight can be greatly impacted by external factors and neglects to reflect our body composition, we should try focusing more on body shape and overall strength in our daily activities!

This time I will not give up - How to boost self-love after bariatric surgery

“More energy and smaller body make yoga so much more enjoyable. I can feel myself getting stronger!!!” – Sara (Real Patient)

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