Today more youth are struggling with obesity than ever before. Children and teens are struggling with weight issues both large and small, from a few extra pounds to severe obesity. More and more, weight loss camps are springing up that is specifically geared toward children and teens. These camp programs are designed to help youth gain a better understanding of good health and wellness so that they can drop the excess weight and lead healthier lives going forward.

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Camp Shane

This camp has five different locations and hosts children and teens aged between seven and 19. There is also a young adult camp between ages 18 and 25 and a camp for adults. This is a co-ed camp that offers a fun and relaxed atmosphere with plenty of healthy foods and workout options along with cognitive behavioral therapy. There are two weeks and three-week programs as well as longer programs for the campers who need it, but the minimum stay is two weeks.

Wellspring Camps

With seven different locations, Wellspring Camps cater to children between the ages of 11 and 18, hosting up to 1000 campers every summer across their locations. Some places are girls-only, including the NY area. There are individual and group cognitive-behavioral therapy courses and interactive programs that continue even after camp ends with online discussions and self-monitoring. Wellspring Camps is said to offer the greatest level of parental support, and the minimum stay is three weeks during the summer.

New Image Camps

Located in Pennsylvania as well as Florida, each location offers something distinct. The Florida campus is aimed at preteens and teens and the Pennsylvania campus is geared toward kids and teens. There are separate swimming pools for boys vs. girls at each campus. Both of the New Image Camps has gained notoriety on television for helping to deliver some truly amazing results in children and teens who need to lose weight and get healthy. These camps are known as Camp Vanguard and Camp Pocono Trails and each is entirely unique.

Camp Vanguard

This camp is located in Haines City, Florida, which is not far from Orlando and hosts 150 campers every summer between the ages of seven and 21. The campus is right on the lake and features paintball, swimming, a computer lab, a variety of sports, cultural programs and aquatics and so much more. There are different activities for each age group, so there is bound to be something for every camper at the campus throughout the summer season.

Camp Pocono Trails

Founded in 1991, Camp Pocono Tails hosts 700 campers every summer between the ages of seven and 21. This is the largest weight loss camp in the nation right now, and it offers a 7000-square foot indoor gymnasium as well as the opportunity for nutrition classes, self-esteem programs, cooking classes, behavior modification classes and so much more. There is also a mom and family camp option during certain weeks. The minimum stay for this camp is two weeks.

Camp Jump Start

Located in Missouri, this weight loss camp was founded in 2003 and is fully accredited. This camp caters to children between the ages of nine and 17 and strives to offer both four and eight-week-long sessions with healthy options for both children looking to lose weight and those who already have but want to refresh their memories on all things healthy. This healthy weight loss camp focuses on teaching children and teens how to adopt healthy eating habits and exercise habits so they can lose weight in a healthy way over time and so they will no longer be at risk of gaining weight.

These are just some of the affordable teen weight loss camps that you can and should look into. Whether you have a child or a teen who is struggling with excess weight, there is much that these weight loss camps can do to help. By teaching the basic tenets of a healthy diet and exercise, these fields make diet and weight loss much easier for children and teens who are struggling with their weight.