Save 70%* on Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico

Mexico Bariatric Center® facilitates affordable all-inclusive weight loss surgery packages in Tijuana, Mexico since 2012. We work with Board-Certified Surgeons and accredited hospital facilities to offer the best weight loss results possible. MBC is a U.S. California corporation, A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and MTA Certified.

MBC has helped thousands of patients worldwide, including our Chief Surgeon, Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela, overcome obesity and start a healthy lifestyle. Check out our patients before and after photos.

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Mexico Bariatric Center Success Stories - Before and After Photots

Meet Our Trusted Surgeons

To achieve the highest patient care possible, Mexico Bariatric Center works with the best weight loss surgeons in Mexico who pride themselves on delivering the highest success rates and lowest complication rates.

  • Over 10,000 Successful Surgeries Performed

  • Board-Certified in Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery

  • State-of-the-Art Technology and Equipment

In aggregate, our exclusive surgeons have 20+ years of experience and only scheduled to complete a maximum of three to four surgeries per day for patient safety.

Contact our award-winning patient coordinators to customize a package to fit you and your budget!

Is Weight Loss Surgery Right For Me?

Use our free BMI calculator in order to determine if you are a candidate for weight loss surgery in Mexico. Our general requirements include a BMI of 30+ and between 16 to 70 years old.

BMI Calculator


What Does Our Package Include?

  • Starting at $4,595*

  • Ground Transportation

  • Accredited Hospital (2 nights)

  • Board Certified Surgeons

  • State-of-the-Art Medical Equipment

  • Anesthesiologist and Nurses

  • 4 Star Hotel (2-3 nights)

  • Aftercare Nutritionist and Support

Our Procedures

Gastric Sleeve Surgery is a rather simple surgical procedure by removing a significant portion of the stomach. The VSG reduces hunger and only requires small portions to feel satisfied.

  • According to an NCBI study, the average excess weight loss was 82% within first year.
  • Short recovery time – back at work within 1-2 weeks or less.
  • Stomach size significantly reduced, less hunger.
Gastric Sleeve Surgery - Mexico Bariatric Center

Gastric Bypass Surgery reduces the stomach size significantly and reroutes part of the small intestine. The RNY has a high success rate and significantly improves and even cures obesity-related health problems.

  • Average 73% excess weight loss within first year.
  • Likely to improve diabetes, high blood pressure, & sleep apnea.
  • New stomach formed and anatomy altered.
Gastric Bypass Surgery - Mexico Bariatric Center

Gastric Balloon is a restrictive, non-surgical procedure that feeds a deflated balloon from the mouth to the stomach and then filled with saline or gas. The gastric balloon helps patients lose 20 to 40+ pounds in a 6 to 12 month time frame before removed.

  • The balloon is inserted orally into your stomach in a fast and efficient manner.
  • Mild procedure that many can go home the same day.
  • Lose 20 to 40 pounds on average.
Gastric Balloon - Mexico Bariatric Center

Duodenal Switch Surgery is both restrictive and malabsorptive which provides one of the highest expected weight loss for patients. The procedure creates a sleeve-shaped stomach first (like gastric sleeve surgery) but also bypasses a portion of the small intestines.

  • Highest expected weight loss, up to 80% excess weight loss in first year.
  • Highest reduction of obesity-related health problems.
  • Strict vitamin schedule required for life.
Duodenal Switch Surgery - Mexico Bariatric Center

Revision Surgery in Mexico is capable of reviving many failed weight loss procedures including lap band to gastric sleeve, sleeve to mini bypass, VBG to sleeve, and more.

  • Gastric sleeve revision surgery.
  • Revise failed RNY Gastric Bypass procedures.
  • Easily revise Lap Band to gastric sleeve surgery.
Bariatric Surgery Revision - Mexico Bariatric Center

Why Choose Mexico Bariatric Center

Gastric Sleeve surgery can range from $12,000 up to over $20,000 in the United States. Mexico Bariatric Center® strives to offer the most affordable Mexico weight loss surgery without sacrificing patient care, outcomes, and support.

Mexico Bariatric Centre is the leading Medical Tourism Operator in weight loss surgery in Tijuana, Mexico. We make traveling to Mexico safe and easy, literally by your side through the entire process from initial contact, pick-up to drop-off, and aftercare support.

The price of our out-the-door all-inclusive packages includes pre-op, post-op tests, medications, transportation, hotel stay, hospital stay, surgery fees, companion at no charge, and complete nutritionist program as well as surgeon liaison.