On her 32nd birthday on May 5th, 2020, Adele shared a picture on Instagram that shocked the world. In her most recent appearance, she posted a picture that showcased her amazing weight loss transformation and success.

According to People magazine, Adele has lost about 100 pounds.

Our weight loss expert at Mexico Bariatric Center® investigated how Adele slimmed down and lost all of her extra body fat. Was it weight lifting and diet or a more definitive measure like weight loss surgery? In this article, MBC editors share their view of Adele’s losing “100 lbs” in such a short time.

What Prompted Adele’s Weight Loss

In April 2019, Adele was shaken up by a separation from her husband of about three years, Simon Konecki. She has a son named Angelo (7-years old in 2019) with Simon. After a massive 170 million dollar divorce battle, Adele made a drastic transformation in her life from a long-term battle with obesity.

So what’s Adele’s weight loss secret? Could it have been modern dieting, fitness, and exercise methods – or was it something much more aggressive, like weight loss surgery. Let’s dive into Adele’s weight loss journey. How did she lose so much weight so quickly?

Did Adele Have Weight Loss Surgery?

adele before after weight loss success 2020

Adele Before and After Weight Loss Success

Weight loss surgery is one of the most results-driven treatment options for obese and morbidly obese individuals seeking weight reduction. Unlike a diet, bariatric surgery procedures like gastric sleeve surgery (VSG) or RNY gastric bypass reset the body’s metabolic system. Therefore, the weight drops quickly and has a high potential of staying off forever. Patients typically lose 70% of their body’s excess weight, shedding 60-80 extra pounds in a year.

That is why there is speculation that Adele has undergone a laparoscpic or endoscopic bariatric procedure considering how fast she has lost weight.

Regardless of how she had such dramatic weight loss success, it is truly empowering to see another individual overcoming obesity and its related health issues, like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and the Coronavirus (COVID-19) risk factor. We would like to praise her accomplishment in taking control of her life and promoting fitness and healthy living.

Did Adele Use Ozempic?

Ozempic prescription drug contains GLP-1 that regulates appetite and blood sugar. It has taken Hollywood by storm as more rich and famous people are using this fat-melting medication. Adele has not verified or renounced taking injectable weight loss drugs or any other drug.

The physical, mental, and social negative impacts of Ozampic can be harmful to users.

Did Adele Have Plastic Surgery?

Rapid and significant fat loss, like those experienced from bariatric surgery, can cause loose skin. Genetics, age, and skin elasticity are factors of whether one gets saggy skin after losing body fat.

Plastic surgery procedures like liposuction remove fat under the skin and not inside the body (around the organs). You cannot lose weight with plastics and is reserved for body contouring after bariatrics.

Skin removal after weight loss surgery leads to optimum results if performed at least a year out. Adele started showing signs of getting skinny around Oct 2019. So it is unlikely she has gone through plastic surgery at this point. She might have had a very balanced diet with regular workouts to help her prevent loose skin.

2021 & 2022 Updates

Adele’s astonishing transformation continues to be a hot topic well into 2021. She appeared in an interview with Oprah Winfrey as she shared her depression and alcohol problems. She told Oprah about her epic figure, “I am an athlete, and I can deadlift 160 lbs.”

Adele One Night Only with Oprah Winfrey Interview

2021 Adele One Night Only with Oprah Winfrey Interview – Paramount+

Adele seems very happy and very comfortable with herself. She has been spotted in Lakers basketball games with her new boyfriend, Rich Paul (LeBron James agent).

singer adele attends NBA playoff game 2022 with rich paul


Adele’s latest album, 30, deals with her divorce in 2019. She created the music to appeal to her generation and not younger kids – people in their 30s and 40s who can identify with her struggles and are committed to working on themselves.

Adele’s Biography

Adele Laurie Blue Adkins is a multiple Grammy-Award-winning singer/songwriter and musical genius that took over the ears of over 2.6 billion people in her hit single, “Hello.”

It is without a doubt that Adele is an icon and a musical genius. Since 2012, Adele has written hit songs like “Hello”, “Rolling in Deep”, “Sky Fall”, and “Fire in the Rain.” But now, her music isn’t the only thing that is turning heads. Her incredible weight loss journey is being questioned by major media outlets like CNN, CBS News, LATimes, plus thousands more. So how did Adele do it?

Adele Top 20 Songs

What About Bariatrics?

Bariatric weight loss procedures are becoming a mainstream remedy for clinically obese individuals. The majority of bariatrics are performed laparoscopically, and some endoscopically.

Laparoscopic Weight Loss Surgery

Bariatric and metabolic surgeries like laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy (LSG) are proven to get slim quickly and permanently. Laparoscopic or minimally invasive surgeries are performed via less than one-inch incisions through the stomach wall to get to organs.

Endoscopic Procedures

Endoscopic procedures like intragastric balloons are also a great jumpstart for losing extra pounds. These procedures are performed by inserting a narrow tube down the esophagus without making any incisions. These non-surgical options are not as effective for losing weight and reversal of comorbidities, such as diabetes type 2.

Celebrities You Forgot Had Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery isn’t taking the easy way out. But for many, it is the only choice left after diet and exercise fail time after time. Every year, over 250,000 of the overweight and obese population consider surgical treatment to get rid of diseases related to obesity and social stigma – celebrities included.

Celebrities are like ordinary people despite being rich and famous. They struggle with the same challenges as the rest of us. The Hollywood elites who have admitted to undergoing life-saving weight loss surgery to start a new life include:

Roseanne Barr, Rosie O’Donnell, Gianna Sciortino, Rebel Wilson, Melissa McCarthy, Al Roker, Randy Jackson, Gabourey Sidibe, Lisa Lampanelli,  Star Jones, Sharon Osbourne, Graham Elliot, Khaliah Ali, Carnie Wilson, Caitlin Van Zandt plus many more.

The body of A-listers should not be the subject of discussions and be questioned so often. Some body-positivity members, like Shannon Palus, commented unfavorably on Adele no longer being plus size.

Body positivity movement is about accepting all body types and physical appearances regardless of size and shape. But some of the activists are promoting unhealthy lifestyles and ignoring the serious and life-threatening dangers of obesity.

Adele’s shocking trim down has been a controversial and viral debate. Adele’s decision to lose extra pounds was about self-love (#bodylove).

See Celebrity Weight Loss Surgery Transformations

So, What is Next?

Adele’s beauty and style were admirable before weight drop; she is beautiful, glamorous, and healthier. The million-dollar question is if Adele had weight loss surgery, would she ever reveal her experience to the world? If not, what was Adele’s weight loss plan, and how did she manage to lose over 100 pounds in such a short period. Stay tuned…