Hitmaker of “Hello” and perhaps one of the greatest artists of all time, Adele, lost remarkable weight following a special diet plan devised by her personal trainer. Her regime consists of superfoods like Kale, buckwheat, cocoa powder, turmeric, and drinking lots of green tea. Diet and high-intensity workouts helped the English-born singer-songwriter lose over 100 lbs and gain confidence during the COVID-19 pandemic.

7 Secrets to Adele's Weight Loss Success

Although we are not sure if Adele had bariatric surgery or if she stuck with strict dietary changes, we have uncovered 7 secrets to Adele’s weight loss.

Adele’s Slimming Recipe Exposed

When Adele’s transformation went viral on Instagram, millions wondered how she did it. After many interviews, comments, and posts shared by Adele, we review what we believe are her 7 untold “celebrity” weight loss tips and tricks. We share these methods for successful weight loss and how you can incorporate them into your own life!

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1. Lose weight for yourself – not for anyone else

Staying motivated to get skinny is not easy – especially when you have a lot of excess weight. For Adele, her biggest inspiration to get in shape was herself. It’s not easy to accomplish a goal that takes weeks, months, or even years to see results. But Adele knew that her chances of keeping the weight off were slim if she didn’t do it for herself. Of course, the people related to you also get the benefit of you getting trimmed.

Do it yourself: When it comes to losing weight, set up goals for your own sake. Don’t base your goals on someone else’s impossible standards. If you set impractical or even dangerous aspirations, you may not only be discouraging yourself from properly losing weight but also causing mental damage that can lead to depression. Remember why you’re doing it and what you need to do to achieve it.

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2. Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates is a machine that acts like Pilates on steroids. It works by laying on a framed-like yoga mat that rolls on a frame and is used for muscle toning, precisely working on different areas of the body. While this machine is mainly meant for muscle toning and recovery, it is perfect for anyone looking to lose weight comfortably and properly. Adele’s fitness coach, Meghan Markle, is a huge fan and advocate for reformer Pilates to boost your core and build strength.

Do it yourself: Reformer Pilates is a great method however, it can be expensive. If you don’t personally own one, you can try to find a pilates studio or gym. Try pilates without the machine or yoga for similar results.

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3. Include your favorite activities

It’s not fun to exercise unless you mix it up with the activities that you actually enjoy. Adele was able to stay determined by doing what she loves, weight lifting. Exercise is already hard enough so doing uncomfortable or boring workouts can be a setback for following your long-term weight loss.

Do it yourself: Instead of sticking to just one fitness routine, don’t stop trying out new exercises and find the workout that is right for you. Sports or fitness classes can be a fun and spontaneous way to burn calories efficiently.

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4. High-intensity training

For Adele, a lot of her weight loss is attributed to HIIT workouts. High-intensity interval training gets every part of the body sweating. However, these boot camp-like exercises are not for everyone.

Do it yourself: If you think intensive workouts are suitable for you, ease into them slowly. Each time you work out, don’t exercise until exhaustion. This may stall weight loss as fatigue will overstress your body and is generally unsafe. Don’t forget that recovery is essential to losing substantial weight. A lot of your weight is burned during your sleep.

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5. Nourish your body

You must care for and appreciate your body if you’re going to transform your body like Adele. Working out on a consistent basis and eating right helped Adele optimize her weight loss to a new level. If you can be more efficient with your strategies to trim down, it can take less effort to burn more calories. All in all, Adele proved that she mastered the perfect balance between her body and her life (work, diet, exercise, etc.).

Do it yourself: Love your body! It is crucial to monitor the state of your physical and mental wellbeing. Recognize the nutrients your body needs to thrive and listen to your body when it’s hungry, angry, lonely, or tired (HALT).

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6. Limit your sugar

Tea is a staple of British culture. It is also packed with sugar. Adele admits she used to “drink 10 cups of tea per day with 2 grams of sugar in each.” Sugar is a major contributor to weight gain and obesity in general. Sugar-filled drinks like soda, juice, energy drinks, tea, and coffee are notorious in the world of obesity. Sugar is also prominent in many popular foods, such as bread and pasta. By limiting her sugar intake, Adele was able to shed serious pounds faster and become healthier.

Do it yourself: Luckily, there are options to avoid sugar without having to surrender to boring and tasteless meals. Consider alternative diets like Keto or Paleo, which focus on natural and more balanced foods. Many drinks don’t have high sugar content and still taste just as good.

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7. Pay no attention to the haters

As a celebrity, Adele is in the limelight 24 hours a day. She is surrounded by judgmental people trying to criticize how she looks. Even for her, it is important to ignore them as much as possible. Adele shuns being targeted and photographed by paparazzi.

Do it yourself: Whether you are famous or not, don’t let bullies, or even close friends and family, discourage you from losing weight your way. Instead, spend time with positive people who encourage you to stay healthy. Check out support groups, or just contact people who are in the same boat as you. You’re not alone and it’s essential to help each other grow happy and healthy.

About Adele

Born in London, Adele Laurie Blue Adkins is now 33 years old. Brit Grammy and Golden Globe award winner, she was a Spice Girls fan growing up. She became a role model for fans when she was barely 20. Adele was comfortable in her skin and was happy she was not a size-zero model.

Adele finalized her divorce from Simon Konecki in Jan 2021. The divorce fueled her decision to lose 100 lbs to become an idol for body positivity. Her astonishing transformation gained the attention of her admirers in 2020 as well as 2021.

After being happily single and free, she publicly dates Rich Paul, Lebron James’s NBA agent. Adele appeared as a Saturday Night Live (SNL) host but did not perform. She is working on finishing her fourth album, which was delayed due to the COVID pandemic.

Adele One Night Only Performance

Adele One Night Only – Griffith Observatory Concert – 2021

Wrap Up

A strict diet is not proven to lose fat and keep it off. A 1000 calories a day is neither realistic nor sustainable. It is about small changes; keep doing it, and stick with it – dedication and consistency!

Losing weight rapidly over a short period of time can only point to one thing – an outside factor such as a bariatric operation or medications like Ozempic that set fire to Adele’s transformative weight loss. Possibly an endoscopic procedure, like endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty (ESG), or a laparoscopic surgery like the popular gastric sleeve.