Advisory Board of Mexico Bariatric Center

To ensure quality, accurate information on obesity, bariatric, and metabolic information, we’ve established an advisory board. Our advisory board was established in the creation, editing, and reviewing new content on

Below are the current members of our advisory board of Mexico Bariatric Center.

Ron Elli - Mexico Bariatric Center

Ron Elli, Ph.D has been a part of the medical tourism industry for over 10 years. He is one of the pioneers of safe and affordable weight loss surgery in Tijuana, Mexico.

10 years weight loss surgery in tijuana mexico

Ron Elli MA, Ph.D. – Founder and CEO of Mexico Bariatric Center

Ron Elli, Ph.D., is the president and founder of Mexico Bariatric Center. He is an award-winning business person from Northern California. Recently, Dr. Ron Elli was profiled in Sacramento, CA Business Journal as one of the most successful regional CEOs.

Ron Elli, Ph.D. has been involved in bariatric and metabolic surgeries in medical tourism since 2007. He is dedicated to providing quality healthcare at affordable prices to patients around the world. He is one of the pioneers of Global Medical Tourism and regularly attends the world congresses on Medical Tourism. Read More.

Jen R. Surgeon Liaison of Mexico Bariatric Center

Jen is the Surgeon Liaison at Mexico Bariatric Center. She is a direct resource for our patients regarding any medical health questions and concerns.

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