Amy T Before After Picture Gastric Sleeve - NSV Horse Riding Mexico Bariatric Center

Amy Can Ride Horseback Again!

Amy Turlington underwent weight loss surgery in Mexico with us here at Mexico Bariatric Center® (MBC) and is one of the first to submit her non-scale victory photos and video for us to share on our website and social media. Here is what she had to say in her email to us when she sent the below photos and video:

Hello, I added so many because this is my journey and this is what I do, my passion is horses and I had stopped riding period for 2 years because of my weight.  There’s so much I can tell you about this experience. I don’t know how much you want but I could go on and on!

I have gone from a size 26 to a loose 16 could probably wear a 14.  Life is good again and I owe the biggest part of my success to Mexico Bariatric Center in Tijuana, they are awesome!  I can’t say enough good about MBC! This is something I would do again 100 times over and would  recommend MBC to anyone on the fence.

We love seeing those who we’ve helped share their stories. Which is a big part of why we are starting this new section where former patients can share their stories and help others see the true benefits of what we offer?

Big thanks to you Amy for sharing your story!

Amy T Before After Picture Gastric Sleeve in Mexico Bariatric CenterAmy Rhodes non scale victory2015, 2016, 2017, 2018………

On July 6, 2015, I was in surgery in Tijuana, Mexico….. Mexico Bariatric Center, having surgery that no way on God’s green earth in a million years would I ever have imagined looking anything even close to the pic on the far right!!

I told myself if I could only get to the size in pic 2, I would be lucky and very happy. Much to my surprise, the surgery gave me that size and some major drive and determination! Along with self-love and making me a top priority!

My highest weight was at least 330. I stopped weighing. The surgery weight was still 304. The far pic on the right is 185… from a size 46 TIGHT MEN’s wrangler to a size 10 Walmart Levi brand WOMEN’s shorts, I am a whole new person both mentally and physically! I can not say enough positive things about my journey; I could write a book!

Fat brain is very real, and some days I see the person on the right, and more days than others I see the person on the left; those are the days I work out harder, push harder, and run faster. I will not be a victim of my own mind games…… I WILL DO THIS; I WILL SUCCEED!!!

Thank you to my biggest fan, my hubby, for believing in me and loving me when I didn’t…

Big thank you to Mexico Bariatric Center for this life-changing surgery!!Sarita - NSV - horse back riding

Haley non scale victory

Horse Back Riding NSVs

Small victories to celebrate after weight loss surgery,

“This poor horse carried me around some small villages on a tour today in the blazing Dominican Sun! I would have killed this animal pre-op! Actually, I would never have gone. It’s nice to participate in life now. Thanks, MBC and all of YOU for my online support!”

It can be difficult to deal with issues such as not being able to do the things you truly enjoy. Every individual has their own set of goals and dreams, and our goal here is to help all who we can achieve such goals.

Weight loss surgery is not a solution to all life problems by any means but can lead to great benefits and an improved quality of life. If you are considering weight loss surgery, and desire to be able to pursue some of your passions, you can contact usand our coordinators will be happy to answer any questions you may have.