Mexico Bariatric Center® (MBC) is the #1 weight loss surgery operator in Tijuana and other Mexican cities. We are fully staffed to support patients from our main office headquarters in the United States as well as our entire surgical staff and support team in Mexico.

Meet Our United States Staff

MBC has staff in Tijuana and Guadalajara Mexico as well as in the United States. Our staff specializes in helping people from North America, Canada, Europe, Australia, and all around the world to undergo Mexico weight loss surgery at affordable prices.

Ron Elli, Ph.D.


The founder of the Mexico Bariatric Center, Ron Elli, Ph.D. been a pioneer in Mexico bariatrics surgery since 2007. Since the inception of the Mexico Bariatric Center in 2012, Dr. Ron Elli and his team have helped over thirteen thousand patients go through this life-changing operation. Founder of Mexico Bariatric Center, Ron Elli, started the company over a decade ago with a mission to offer the highest quality and most affordable weight loss surgery in Mexico. Click here to learn more about the advisory board of MBC.

“We have established a culture of excellence and commitment to the safety of our patients. Working with expert bariatric surgical teams, we have minimized adverse events and its related costs,” mentions Dr. Elli.

Patient Coordinators

Our patient coordinators are here to guide you through the patient process. The first step in helping to schedule your surgery is to fill out our health questionnaire. If you’d like to determine if you qualify for surgery and have one of the coordinators below give you a call.

Leili - Mexico Bariatric Center

Senior Patient Coordinator

Phone: 855-768-7247 ext. 148
Cell: 916-900-6303

Cathy Patient Coordinator

Patient Coordinator

Phone: 855-768-7247 ext. 201
Cell: 916-823-3853

Katrina Mexico Bariatric Center Staff

Patient Coordinator

Phone: 855-768-7247 ext. 154
Cell: 916-250-0929

Danielle Patient Coordinator at Mexico Bariatric Center

Patient Coordinator

Phone: 855-768-7247 ext. 2005
Cell: 770-692-5816

Judy - Patient Coordinator at Mexico Bariatric Center

Patient Coordinator

Phone: 855-768-7247 ext. 283
Cell: 916-520-3583

Rena Patient Coordinator at Mexico Bariatric Center

Patient Coordinator

Phone: 855-768-7247 ext. 301
Cell: 480-999-4826

Tatiana Patient Coordinator at Mexico Bariatric Center

Patient Coordinator

Phone: 855-768-7247 ext. 166
Cell: 916-919-8171

Kelly Patient Coordinator at Mexico Bariatric Center

Patient Coordinator

Phone: 855-768-7247 ext. 174
Cell: 214-432-7323

Administration Team

Kathy - Staff at MBCKathy (Administrator)
Phone: 855-768-7247 ext. 135

Rhanda MBC Staff

Rhanda (Administrative Assistant)
Phone: 855-768-7247 ext. 141

Elizabeth Staff at MBC

Elizabeth (Accountant)
Phone: 855-768-7247

Aftercare Support Team

Jen R. (Surgeon Liaison)
Phone: 855-768-7247 ext. 139

Phone: 855-768-7247 ext. 137

Marketing Team

Ron (Marketing Manager)

Matthew (Marketing Specialist)

Martin (Marketing Specialist)

Alex (Marketing Team)


Georgina (Manager)
Phone: 855-768-7247 ext. 201

Kristina - Mexico Bariatric Center Nutritionist



Meet our newest member of our team, Kristina. She is an amazing degreed nutritionist who will be a part of your weight loss journey.

Phone: 855-768-7247 ext. 137
Cell: 916-758-2745




Meet a member of our team and one of our past patients, Sarita!

“I went through the surgery and this whole process myself, so if you have any questions about the whole process from a patient perspective, feel free to contact me. I would be more than happy to share my experience with you.”

Phone: 855-768-7247 ext. 2001
Cell: 770-626-0613

Learn more about Sarita

Meet Our Tijuana Staff

The staff in Tijuana are here to ensure that our patients are taken care of every step of the way. Once you arrive in San Diego, a dedicated driver will pick you up and take you to our hospitalthe hotel, and we offer a tour of Tijuana.

The mission of the Tijuana staff is to ensure you are taken care of to the moment you are dropped back off in San Diego.

I had sleeve surgery on the 17 of September. I was very nervous and a little scared. However, Ms. Karla put me at ease immediately. She is by far one of the best coordinators I’ve come across and I work in the medical industry. She was amazing with every single one of us. So happy and cheerful she just emulates sunshine. Even when the skies weren’t so blue she had a way of making the sunshine. I just wanted to let y’all know that she deserves a star award!!! AMAZING PERSON !!! Please let her know how much I adore her.

Teresa, Actual Patient
Meet Karla - Mexico Bariatric Center Patient Coordinator



Meet Willie - Mexico Bariatric Center Driver



Meet Ricardo - Mexico Bariatric Center Driver



Our Staff is Here to Guide You Every Step of the Way

The first step is to talk to one of our patient coordinators here in the United States. Our patient coordinator will work with you to answer questions you may have as well as see if you qualify for weight loss surgery with one of our specialized bariatric surgeons.

You may also speak with our U.S. based administrator as needed throughout the process. Alongside the coordinators and administrator, we have a nutritionist who will assist you in the pre-op and post-op process. If you would like to learn more about our patient process, we welcome you to view our new patient orientation video.