All-Inclusive Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico

Ron Elli, Ph.D.

About Ron Elli, Ph.D.

Mexico Bariatric Center's Founder and CEO, Ron Elli, Ph.D. has been in Medical Tourism Bariatrics and Plastics since early 2007. Dr. Elli is a pioneer in the Mexico Weight Loss Surgery field. Ron has published numerous articles in Global Healthcare and has been informing patients in U.S. and Canada through bariatric seminars and webinars.
26 07, 2018

Gastric Bypass – No Energy, Tired, or Weak? Here’s 9 Reasons Why!

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Gastric bypass surgery offers patients considerable weight loss through both restriction (decreasing stomach mass) and malabsorption (limiting caloric absorption). Because [...]

3 07, 2018

Cheated on the Pre-Op Diet Before Weight Loss Surgery – What Do I Do?

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Why Do You Need a Pre-Op Diet? Well, if you are awaiting weight loss surgery, the pre-op diet is important [...]