The term “quick weight loss” is very attractive for those who are looking to shed some excess fat. After all, it is always a nice feeling to achieve a goal sooner rather than later. When looking to lose weight quickly, it is important to be sure you are doing it with safety in mind.

When Quick Weight Loss Becomes Risky

Balancing Quick Weight Loss with Healthy ResultsQuick weight loss becomes risky without a proper nutrition and exercise plan. Ways in which some may overdo their weight loss plan to reach a goal weight that can harm them including:

  • Dropping calorie intake too low
  • Cutting calories completely
  • Eating fewer calories, but the wrong foods
  • Taking weight loss pills
  • Exercising too frequently
  • Exercising at too high of an intensity level

Not only can quick weight gain be a risk but there is, also, the chance of gaining weight back due to the effects that extreme weight loss can have on the body. When the body is put under a great amount of stress to achieve rapid weight loss, it can quickly gain pounds back. The process of losing and gaining weight can cause health issues when done regularly. For this reason, long-term weight loss is more effective than fast weight loss alone.

How Can I Achieve Quick and Long-Term Weight Loss?

If you are seeking a way to lose weight at a fast pace and keep it off, bariatric surgery is a great option. The very purpose of bariatric surgery is to provide patients with a long-term solution.

Procedures such as gastric sleeve limit the amount of food you can eat, helping greatly reduce calorie intake. The lower amount of calories, as well as a change in the patient’s set-point, causes the body to burn fat at an accelerated rate.

What Makes Quick Weight Loss Successful After Bariatric Surgery?

When Quick Weight Loss Becomes Risky Quick weight loss. Surgeon in blue scrubs

So there you have it! If you want to balance quick weight loss with healthy results, a solution is here.

Have you undergone bariatric surgery and reached your goal weight? What were those goals and what steps did you have to take to achieve them? Share in the comments!