Best Bariatric Surgeons in Tijuana, Mexico

Mexico Bariatric Center® (MBC) has the best team of weight loss surgeons in Tijuana, Mexico. MBC surgical teams and their staff are selected based on having the highest success rates, lowest complication rates, and genuine care for patients.

Working only with high caliber, leading doctors that are dedicated to patient care and changing lives. Each of our surgeons have certifications that go above and beyond most surgeons expertise around the world. Their certifications include:

  • Mexican Board of General Surgery (Consejo Mexicano de Cirugia General, A.C.)

  • Board Certified in Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery (Colegio Mexicano de Cirugia para la Obesidad y Enfermedades Metabolicas, A.C.)

What are your surgeon’s qualifications? 3 of our surgeons are Board Certified in Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery. This is only held by 9 total surgeons in Tijuana, Mexico. All 4 surgeons have education and board certification with the CMCG & CMCOEM.

Surgeon’s experience and surgical technique matters. Collectively, our surgeons have performed well over 10,000 successful bariatric surgeries. Instead of having assistant surgeons perform the surgery, our surgeons perform the entire procedure.

Our doctors can speak English and you have excellent bedside manner. You want to get to know your surgeon before your procedure. Our surgeons meet you the day before surgery for pre-op testing.

All of our surgeons perform only 3 to 4 surgeries per day. Our competitors perform up to 9 surgeries each! Surgeon’s daily surgery count has an effect on surgical outcomes. This keeps our surgeries have higher success rates and substantially low complication rates.

Surgeon’s Team should be experienced with bariatric patients and have highly qualified teams who specialize in weight loss surgery.

Our surgeons are among the highest rated and recommended in all of Mexico. Check out there 5 star profiles on and

All of our surgeons have less than 0.5% complication rates. We risk nothing when it comes to patient safety and will take every precaution imaginable.

Daily surgery limits – surgeon’s daily surgery count has an effect on surgical outcomes

Meet MBC’s Weight Loss Surgeons

Mexico Bariatric Center has assembled its specialized weight loss surgery team since 2012 – collectively has over 20 years of experience and over 10,000 bariatric surgeries. MBC has the least amount of complications and best outcomes. That is why patients travel from around the world: U.S., Canada, Europe, etc. to get quality obesity surgery in our Tijuana centre.

Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela - Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico

Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela


Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela is the best of the best in Mexico. Not only is she highly experienced, but she has also had gastric sleeve surgery herself.

Dr. Gutierrez

Dr. Alejandro Gutierrez


Dr. Alejandro Gutierrez has some of the highest success rates in the industry along with excellent bedside manners and fluent English.

Dr. Rodriguez Lopez

Dr. Rodriguez Lopez


Dr. Rodriguez Lopez is known as “Super Surgeon” for his experience in single-incision and tackling the most complicated bariatric surgeries.

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Choosing the Most Qualified Bariatric Surgeons in Mexico

To achieve the highest patient care possible, Mexico Bariatric Center offers the best bariatric surgeons who have shown impeccable care & understanding and unparalleled medical expertise. Each of our surgeons prides themselves on delivering the highest success rates, lowest complication rates while providing an affordable option.

In aggregate, Mexico Bariatric Center surgeons have performed over 10,000+ surgeries! Our team has the expertise and drive, learn more about various gastric operations that can help reduce obesity today! Featured here, are a few of our bariatric specialists who are skilled in performing various laparoscopic bariatric procedures.


We are among the top bariatric surgeons in all of Mexico. Mexico Bariatric Center is a brand. All surgeons on the MBC team are the most skilled and experienced doctors.


Our surgeons and staff exclusively specialize in weight loss surgery in Mexico. The stories are incredible and the price is affordable. Pick your surgeon now!


We perform surgery in a full-service hospital call Hospital Mi Doctor. Out bariatric facility has an ICU for emergency and uses top quality surgical equipment and tools.


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The Best Bariatric Surgeons in Mexico

Picking a bariatric surgeon in Mexico is tough in today’s market with so many doctors offering bariatric services. It is important to research your prospective surgeon and have these general considerations:

  • Surgeon’s qualifications – education and board certification (CMCG & CMCOEM)

  • Surgeon’s experience and surgical technique

  • The surgeon can speak basic English and you feel comfortable with

  • Daily surgery limits – surgeon’s daily surgery count has an effect on surgical outcomes

  • Surgeon’s team should be experienced with bariatric patients

  • Surgeon’s latest patients reviews

Tijuana offers the best option for medical tourists for bariatric and metabolic surgeries. However, some surgeons who are new to medical tourism with no track record offer cheap packages to entice patients to choose them over a more established bariatric surgeon.

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Meet Your Team

The  MBC’s surgical team is headed by our Chief Surgeon, Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela (Dr. V). She is one of the world most sought after surgeons in the world with one of the best track records.

As a milestone, board-certified bariatric surgeon Dr. Alejandro Gutierrez adds years of training and experience to the team, along with having performed Dr. Valenzuelas gastric sleeve. Dr. Alejandro Gutierrez (Dr. G) is one of the most promising surgeons and one of the nicest surgeons who is more than capable to successfully perform just about any weight loss surgery.

Last but not least, Dr. Rodriguez Lopez, one of the most skilled surgeons capable of doing a wide range of bariatrics, complemented the team.

Mexico Bariatric Center surgeons stay on the forefront of metabolic and bariatrics by attending National and International seminars in their field. They use leading, brand-name instrumentation, and equipment, such as Ethicon (made by Johnson & Johnson) and Covidien (made by Medtronic).

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