Bariatric Surgery Videos

Below, are a series of videos to help walk you through our patients, our staff, and what we do. Above each video list, are links to related content within our website to help further guide you. Here at Mexico Bariatric Center, we strive to give our patients the best when it comes to care, affordability, and information. If you have any further questions, we welcome you to contact us.

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Mexico Bariatric Surgery: Patient Videos

About Mexico Bariatric Center | Success Stories

The following videos are of actual MBC patients who underwent our weight loss surgery and are just out of surgery, in for a check-up, or bringing a friend to also receive our services. If you have any concerns or are curious as to certain topics, such as the treatment by our staff, what the area is like where you will be staying, the surgery itself, these real stories help answer better than we could in our own words.

Mexico Bariatric Surgery: Staff

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Below are videos of members of the MBC staff. Watch to learn more about their roles, their stories, and put a face to the friendly experts who will be helping you.

Mexico Bariatric Surgery: Live Surgery Videos

Mexico Bariatric Center Surgeries | Bariatric Surgery Costs – Financing

As fair warning, the following videos are very graphic. If you are squeamish or have trouble watching surgical procedures being performed, proceed to these videos with caution. However, they also do serve as an example of how effectively, and effective procedures such as the gastric sleeve can be performed. So if you are wondering what exactly you will undergo without surgeons, these can serve as a great tool.