Bariatric Surgery Centers in Mexico

Locations of Bariatric Surgery in Mexico

Mexico Bariatric Center® (MBC) prides itself on offering all of our bariatric surgeries in state-of-the-art, technologically advanced hospitals. We operate only in full-services hospitals and not “surgery centers” – something other providers can’t always provide. Mexico Bariatric Center operates in Tijuana and Guadalajara, Mexico, at present.

Over 50 million people cross the Tijuana border each year, making this border the world’s busiest land border. Mexico has been recently boosting this congested border by massive binational reconfiguration, for example, a new pedestrian crossing in Puerta Este Mexico-San Ysidro Port of Entry.

Tijuana is the biggest attraction for medical tourism as it offers:

  • Quality Medical Services by World-Renown Physicians
  • State-of-the-art Facilities
  • Affordable Prices for procedures Like Weight Loss Surgery
  • Minutes away from San Ysidro, California Border
  • All-Inclusive Procedure Packages
  • Luxury Hotel Accommodations, Fine Dining, Extravagant Nightlife, Immaculate Beaches, and Ocean Views
  • Most People in Tijuana, including Our Doctors and Our Staff, are Fluent in English

Standards of Care

Mexico Bariatric Center’s modern surgical centers handle each patient with empathy, discretion, and safety in mind. All of our hospitals will meet or exceed United States health standards. A few of our hospitals listed below are Joint Commission accredited.

For more information about our surgical facilities, please contact us, and our staff will answer all of your questions.

Our Promise to You

“We will guide you, be with you at every step of the process, and be compassionate of your needs.”

Tijuana Weight Loss Surgery

Tijuana, Mexico

Shopping for weight loss surgery in Mexico? Tijuana is the leading city in Mexico to undergo weight loss surgery. Tijuana offers the most advanced medical services at affordable pricing. The proximity of the city to San Diego is one of the most attractive benefits for medical tourists.

MBC centers in Tijuana are modern, full-service hospitals that can handle the most complex operations. In Tijuana, patients can undergo surgery at our dedicated bariatric center. Each of our hospitals is full-service and capable of undergoing even the toughest bariatric procedures.

Tijuana is a convenient destination for traveling patients as they fly into the San Diego, California airport. Our centers are located minutes from the Mexico and United States border and represent a value advantage for most patients from Canada and the United States.

Puerto Vallarta Weight Loss Surgery

Puerto Vallarta Marriott

One of the most visited destinations in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta, is also a prime location for medical tourism. In Puerto Vallarta, we have two bariatric surgery centers – which can provide excellent patient care right before you relax on the beach.

Puerto Vallarta is home to many state-of-the-art hospitals, just a few blocks from the pristine beaches of Puerto Vallarta. Many patients enjoy not only the excellent quality of care but enjoy a vacation here too. In Puerto Vallarta, patients can undergo surgery at the CornerStone Hospital or the San Javier Hospital.

Guadalajara Weight Loss Surgery

Guadalajara JaliscoGuadalajara is home to prestigious medical schools and training hospitals in Mexico, including the Hospital General de Occidente in Guadalajara and the University of Guadalajara. Today, patients travel to Guadalajara to receive top-level care for low costs.

Guadalajara, Mexico, is home to numerous medical universities that serves this culturally rich city. Guadalajara is home to many bariatric surgeons who have been trained around the world. In Guadalajara, patients can undergo surgery at the Clinica del Pilar, Jardines Hospital, or the Country 2000 Hospital.

Los Cabos Weight Loss Surgery

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

One of the most popular destinations in Mexico, Los Cabos, is home to beautiful beaches, good food, and five-star resorts. We are currently in the works of bringing Los Cabos and nearby Cabos San Lucas to medical tourists seeking bariatric and metabolic surgery.

Cabo San Lucas and the nearby Los Cabos area is home to quality full-services hospitals, including Medical Blue and AmeriMed. We are currently working on bringing Los Cabos to our bariatric surgery offerings, and soon you’ll be able to undergo weight loss surgery in pristine Cabo San Lucas. Find out more information today: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

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