Bariatric Technology We Use

Here at Mexico Bariatric Center, we believe in using only the newest and best bariatric technologies for patients. Even though our prices are consistently the lowest, we strive to buy the same supplies and techniques doctors in the U.S. use.

Patients can rest assured that MBC uses the latest technologies that the bariatric and metabolic community agrees are required to perform a safe procedure.

Surgical Stapling Products

For the gastric sleeve, below are the staples and sutures that we use in laparoscopic procedures:

  • COVIDIEN, such as Endo GIA™ Ultra Universal Stapler
  • ECHELON FLEX™ ENDOPATH® Stapler and ENDO GIA ULTRA™ Universal Stapler

The ECHELON FLEX™ ENDOPATH® Stapler enables our surgeons to:

Have optimal staple formation, even in thick tissue

  • An enhanced system-wide compression aids in proper staple formation, which is necessary to achieve a leak-resistant and hemostatic staple line
  • The use of compression before firing gently exudes fluid from the targeted tissue before firing
  • And utilizing alignment during firing ensures a uniform distance between the anvil and cartridge surfaces during firing

Stay focused on the surgical field without interruption

  • Allowing a natural, one-handed operation enables the surgeon to focus on the line of the transaction and place the anvil exactly where needed
  • It facilitates tissue positioning/manipulation with its wide proximal to distal jaw aperture
  • And it allows the surgeon to rotate, articulate and fire with one hand

MedFusion 3500

MedFusion 3500The Medfusion 3500 is a syringe infusion pump used to prevent medication administration errors during surgical procedures. This device maintains simplicity for medication delivery for optimal surgery results and is especially beneficial for patients with a high BMI.

Syringe infusion pumps deliver small doses of medication from a variety of syringe sizes in acute care settings. The Medfusion® 3500 syringe pump is designed to enhance safety while maintaining simplicity to deliver individualized care to patients of all ages. For more than 15 years the Medfusion® syringe pump platform has been recognized for its accurate medication delivery in critical care and the operating room.

It’s safe

  • The MedFusion 3500 delivers precise infusion volumes with an extremely low risk of error to ensure patient safety.

And it’s smart

  • PharmGuard® Medication Safety Software helps reduce pump programming errors and associated adverse drug events (ADEs) by encouraging the use of drug libraries with hard and soft limits. This helps to ensure that the surgeon can focus on giving you the best possible procedure with increased focus while the Medfusion 3500 goes to work.

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