Bariatric Vitamins & Supplements + Nutritionist Program

Bariatric Vitamin Supplements

Mexico Bariatric Center is pleased to announce to our new post-bariatric surgery aftercare program. Our program is a complete post-bariatric program mailing you the necessary vitamins and supplements with proper nutritionist consulting.

Every three months patients will receive a box of vitamins and supplements catered to them and the procedure they have undergone.

Mexico Bariatric Center: Vitamins, Supplements, and Nutritionist

  • Multi-Vitamin with Iron
  • B-12
  • Calcium
  • Vitamin D
  • Iron + C

Consultation with our Nutritionist to help provide the most beneficial vitamin and supplement stack to aid in weight loss and to prevent nutritional deficiencies.

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  • Consultation with a Qualified Nutritionist – Our nutritionist will package an entire vitamin program to ensure your success.
  • Lower Complications – as compared with regular, non-bariatric vitamins. All of our vitamins are chewable which helps bariatric patients absorb the vitamins in the proper manner.
  • Lower Nutritional Deficiency Risks – By supplementing your diet with nutritional vitamins, patients will see
  • Greater, Faster Weight Loss – Consuming the Right Vitamins will help patients lose weight while still being healthy.
  • Free Shipping (for U.S. customers) – We ship all of our vitamins for Free!


If I have not undergone surgery with Mexico Bariatric Center am I able to receive this program? 

Yes, we accept all customers from around the World including United States, Canada, Europe and elsewhere.

Which Vitamins do you sell?

We are a supplier of Celebrate Vitamins, one of the leaders in great-tasting and highly nutraceutical vitamins.