Diabetes is one of the most common chronic diseases in the world that people of all ages face. More than half a billion people are affected by type 2 diabetes. And for them, it is a reality they must wake up to and live with on a daily basis.

Mexico Bariatric Center services do, in fact, cure people of type 2 diabetes and rid them of being pre-diabetic. The following list includes websites, blogs, as well as social media like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as a resource for diabetics:

1) Diabetes Support

This support group on Facebook has a huge following of over 1,000,000 likes. Its purpose is to provide important information, helpful tips, motivational quotes, healthy recipes, and more to those with diabetes. The website is excellently laid out so that you can read content relevant to your situation. They have you covered, whether it be symptoms, medications, or nutrition advice.

2) Diabetic Danica

Danica regularly posts videos on her YouTube channel covering anything from a day in the life of a type one diabetic to diabetes-related jokes. As of today, 8/5/2016, she has 14,883 subscribers to her YouTube channel and a great following on her Facebook, with over 8,700 likes. She gets a mention in this post because of her big following and great personality. Check her out and subscribe to her channel if you feel she can be a helpful resource.

3) Bitter-Sweet

Karen, who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in the ’70s at age 11, uses her experience to educate others about living with diabetes. She’s come to the conclusion that living with diabetes isn’t all that bad.  To help others with ideas, Karen shares her cooking, her personal thoughts on new diabetes research, and more. The community on her website stays pretty active due to her regularly posting. Check out her site and see for yourself :)

4) dLife (Blogabetes)

This blog was kept very well updated with stories from various sources [only until 2020]. The blog posts cover various topics, from how diabetes can affect your work and home life to advice for parents whose children have diabetes. Their wide range of information makes this site a great resource for those seeking real people’s stories and knowledge.

5) College Diabetes Network

The College Diabetes Network is managed by students with diabetes to assist those who struggle with the disease and are headed to college. The site aims to help peers affected mildly or greatly by this disease get support through their college years.

6) D-Mom

Written by a mother raising a child with type 1 diabetes, this Facebook (which used to be a blog) is a great resource for parents of a diabetic child. Leighann’s daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 3. Leighann has made her journey through adjusting to this way of life into a blog that can help others. Leighann shares tips on parenting, along with some product and food reviews. Definitely check out her blog if you, too, are raising a child with diabetes.

7) Diabetes Dad

Tom Karlya is a dad who aims to find a cure for type 1 diabetes. Having two kids of his own who struggle with type 1 diabetes, his aim is to reach out to as many people as he can about organizations that are making a difference. He also shares about needed policy changes and upcoming events as a way of spreading further awareness. His cause is definitely very noble and rewarding to the diabetic community.

8) Diabetes Daily

Diabetes Daily doesn’t just look at diabetes itself, but in fact, at how to share advice about daily living with this disease. They provide the ability to read about type 1 or 2 diabetes individually, or all at once. If you want to look up some valuable advice on things you may go out and do any given day, this is a great place to start.

9) Diabetes Mine

Diabetes Mine was created by and for diabetes patients, and offers everything from opinion pieces and community outlook on the latest diabetes news, to open letters to insurance companies and their shortcomings when it comes to diabetes care. Also on hand are product review videos, roundups from the rest of the blogosphere, advice columns, and so much more.

10) Diabetes Self-Management

Diabetes Self-Management is a magazine turned blog that was initially established in 1983. Their blog posts are written by healthcare professionals as well as people living with diabetes. If you are looking for research results, tips, and some great recipes, their site can prove to be a great go-to source.

11) Diabetes Stops Here

Created by the American Diabetes Association,  Diabetes Stops Here is tied to their Stop Diabetes movement. Like some of the other sites in this list, they share real stories of people living with diabetes, posts to raise awareness, and much more.

12) Diabetes Stories

Riva Greenberg’s objective is to help people who live with diabetes to flourish. Having lived with diabetes since the age of 18, Rivea serves as an inspiration to others who share with her their stories of how they themselves make the best out of their lives with diabetes. With the information gathered from conferences and other resources which she keeps up with regularly, this blog serves as a valuable asset to those living with diabetes.

13) Diabetesaliciousness

Creator, Kelly Kunik has been living with type 1 diabetes for over 30 years. Diabetes has been an inherited disease among her across the generations. Her blog is a very much personal one in which she shares her unique perspective, experiences, and shares her thoughts on products and medications.

14) DiabetesSisters

Brandy Barnes started this blog in 2008. Her purpose for creating the blog, to help build a community of women with diabetes and learn more about the disease. On her site, women can learn about dealing with diabetes through various stages of life such as puberty and menopause.  You can also keep active on her forum and find support groups. If you want to get involved with a great supportive community of women living with diabetes, this is a great place to start.

15) Insulin Nation

This site serves mainly as a great source of information for those with type 1 diabetes but may serve as a valuable source of information to any who wants to learn more about diabetes. Packed with the latest information on research and treatment, tips on exercise, parenting, menopause, and more, this site has earned its spot on our list.

16) Our Diabetic Life

The creator of the site, Meri, has four sons, and three of them have grown up with type 1 diabetes. This site offers a look into the very real and honest stories of a woman raising kids who struggle with this disease.

17) Scott’s Diabetes

If you want a blog filled with great content, Scott offers a great array of information. In this blog, Scott greatly encourages people to really keep on top of their blood sugar and screenings. He also shares information about Medicare coverage, and much more. Feel free to check out his blog and see if it serves as a useful resource.

18) Six Until Me

Six Until Me was created by Kerri Morrone, diagnosed with diabetes at 6. The purpose of her blog is to look past all of the negative talks about diabetes and instead share positive stories of living with diabetes. She, alongside expecting mothers, shares their stories of how they make living with diabetes a positive experience and do not let it serve as a disability. This site is a great resource for support and information about living with diabetes in your daily life.

19) A Sweet Life

Follow along with Mike and Jessica, a married couple who both live with type 2 diabetes, as they share valuable information, recipes, and more. Alongside their posts, you will find posts by medical professionals and others who live with diabetes. Because of the variety of people who post to their site, it can serve as a valuable asset to people in all areas of diabetes.

20) T1 Everyday Magic

T1 Everyday Magic was created by Disney and Lilly Diabetes. This site is an amazing resource for families, as it is loaded with fun content for children and families. But it also serves as a remarkable source of education and recipes. The site features a newly diagnosed section, a recipe section, a section for daily life with diabetes, and a section for resources. Definitely a great website to go to for those living with diabetes.

21) TuDiabetes

TuDiabetes is An extension of the Diabetes Hands Foundation, in the form of a forum for people with diabetes as well as their supporters. They have a blog as well which is a good source of additional content. The forum, however, serves as a great way to talk with a community of people living with or studying in the area of diabetes.

22) American Diabetes Association

This site serves as a great resource for those living in the United States who are seeking diabetes support. Their website shares information about living with diabetes, diet and fitness, family advice, and are you at risk section and even a section where you can seek additional support.

23) Joslin Diabetes Center

And lastly, we have the Joslin Diabetes Center with its “Speaking of Diabetes” site. Here you will find all kinds of posts and videos with information about a wide array of topics. Be it about the basics of going back to school, videos, and text on research that are posted regularly, and a large number of social media profiles to follow, they provide great information.


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