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What is the Body Lift Procedure?

A Body Lift Procedure is done to tone underlying tissue that supports both the skin and fat and to improve the shape of the skin. During this surgical procedure, excess skin and fat are removed. The operation is also used to improve any area that has become dimpled due to cellulite.

It’s important to note that the body lift procedure is not done just to remove extra fat; liposuction is better suited for those situations. The body lift works using a method of repairing skin that has lost elasticity from being over-stretched and becomes saggy due to extreme or rapid weight loss.

Main Body Areas for Body Lift

Some primary areas a body lift is needed include (but are not limited to):

  • Upper body
  • Lower body The main body parts that may require a body lift are the
  • Thigh area – (posterior, inner, or outer),
  • Groin or Butt area
  • Abdominal area generally around the love handles, lower back, and sides – may need a Tummy Tuck (TT)

Who is the Body Lift Procedure for?

Body lift surgery in Mexico

Before having a body lift procedure, one’s weight must be stabilized, whether after weight loss surgery (like gastric sleeve or gastric bypass) or just extreme weight loss without surgery. It’s advisable that any woman looking to get pregnant postpone this procedure as pregnancy can seriously diminish the results of the process.

Non-smokers, individuals with loose skin in multiple parts of the body, and healthy people who don’t have medical conditions that impair healing are all good candidates for a body lift.

Important Reminder

Since this procedure tightens the lower body, it’s advisable that the procedure is performed after the ideal or desired weight is reached. This means if a patient loses weight after the procedure, the skin may look saggy once again.

Doctors also advise excess heaviness in the thighs and buttocks again as they may have a long-lasting effect on one’s results. A doctor may suggest one loses more weight in those areas before enduring this surgery.

Body Lift Cost

Body Lift Cost is dependent on where you have surgery and the plastic surgeon you choose. unlike other cosmetic/plastic surgery procedures, the body lift is completely customized dependent on many factors.

Cost is influenced by the surgeon’s fee, the facility fees as well as anesthesia, prescriptions, any post-op procedures, and medical tests. It’s important to remember that a surgeon’s experience and track record are much more important than that of cost, and it is highly discouraged to choose a doctor because of price alone.

Factors that Affect Body Lift Cost

Additional factors that impact the cost of body life include:

  • Regions or areas of the body that requires plastic surgery. Different areas that have varied in terms of costs and complications are the upper body, mid body, lower body, or a total body lift.
    • If you are seeking an individual area of the body (i.e. upper/mid/lower), it can range in price from $7,000 to $12,500 per area in the United States. Choosing the full-body lift in the U.S.can cost up to $21,500 on average. The body lift cost in Mexico starts around $9,700.
  • Amount of skin and fat needed to be removed via liposuction tightened to build elasticity and lifted.
  • Surgeon experience and certification
  • Location or country – Body Lift in Mexico usually is the most cost-effective and safer option.
  • Insurance coverage

Body Lift Cost in Mexico

The cost of a body lift in Mexico ranges from what cosmetic surgeon or plastic surgeon you choose. We provided Mexico Cosmetic Center to fill the need for trusted plastic surgery in Mexico using quality care, high standards, and board-certified plastic surgeon who you can trust. It is hard determining a standard price for body lift surgery with so many variables and body parts involved.

Medical travelers can save up to 50% on combo procedures, like the popular Mommy Makeover (MMO). Mommy makeover usually combines two procedures like Tummy Tuck plus Breast Lift and/or Arm Lift.

Getting Started Process – Body Lift Consultation

Seeking a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon - Mexico Cosmetic Center - Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery in MexicoA professional doctor will ask a variety of questions after your initial consultation, including what you want from the surgery, medical history questions, and information on tobacco, alcohol, and drug use. The surgeon will evaluate your current health status and pre-existing conditions and determine if they can safely and successfully execute a body lift on you.

If you are interested in body lift surgery in Mexico, contact us at Mexico Cosmetic Center by either filling out a Health Questionnaire Form to Receive a Free Quote & Consultation or Call or Text 916-226-9611! We are happy to answer any questions at any time!

How to Prepare for Body Lift Surgery

If a surgeon decides that the procedure will be safe for you to endure, there are a handful of things that will need to be done before actually having the surgery. These things can include: pre-operative tests, quitting smoking, and adjustments to your current medications. During this time, you will be advised on what you need to do on the day of your body lift surgery, the type of anesthesia that will be used on you, and all about your post-operative care and follow-up directions.

To Prepare for Body Lift Surgery, your plastic surgeon or doctor may require you to:

  • Medical assessment or evaluation
  • Quit/No Smoking
  • Stop taking NSAIDs (medications that causes more bleeding) – Aspirin, herbal supplements, anti-inflammatory medications

About Body Lift Surgery Procedure

Anesthesia is administered so that you are comfortable during the procedure, generally general anesthesia or intravenous sedation. After you are sedated, the surgeons will place various incisions on you depending on the location of the skin and fat to be removed and how much.

A complete lower body lift includes the waist, hips, thighs, buttocks, and abdomen in one procedure, which involves an incision all around that removes an “apron” of skin and fat. After the skin and fat are removed, sutures, tapes, or skin adhesives are placed to close the incisions. Results are seen almost immediately.

Body Lift Post-Op Recovery

Often a small tube is placed under the skin to drain any fluid or blood from the body. These drains are left internally until the amount of leakage has reduced to a safe value, and the removal of this waste occurs outpatient in the doctor’s office.

Drains usually stay in place at least two weeks after surgery. Depending on the type of suture used, they may dissolve themselves. Others may need to be removed, and those typically will stay in place for two weeks as well. Depending on the place the surgery was performed, compression garments may be recommended to control the amount of swelling.

They also help to flatten and smooth the skin further. The activity level suggested will depend on the progress of healing for each patient. Also, movement contributes to promoting drainage to the end, and the drains are removed sooner. However, movement can be painful or uncomfortable immediately following surgery.

Ultimately, a body lift procedure can be safely and successfully executed by a professional surgeon dedicated to providing a safe environment for the process.

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