You may wonder if Gatorade is allowed before and after bariatric weight loss. The answer is yes, but with a twist! There is a big difference between the traditional Gatorade formula and Gatorade Zero.

Not only does Gatorade have electrolytes, but it also addresses the challenge of reaching your fluid intake goal.

The original thirst-quenching Gatorade is full of added sugar / simple carbohydrates and is not allowed before and after bariatric surgery. However, Gatorade Zero has no added sugar and zero calories, making it an ideal choice to reach your goal of 64 fluid oz daily or fulfill the clear liquid phase of your pre-op and post-op diet.

5 Health Benefits of Gatorade for Bariatric Patients

Gatorade provides many health benefits for bariatric patients. Here are 5 reasons you should drink Gatorade after bariatric surgery.

1. Easy to get down

Post-bariatric surgery, taste preferences can change, and some patients might find plain water unappealing. Gatorade’s added flavors can make it a more enjoyable and satisfying option, making it easier to reach their fluid goals.

2. Prevents dehydration

Remember your goal is to get 64 oz of fluids, with a minimum of 48 oz to prevent dehydration. Staying hydrated after weight loss surgery promotes weight loss and encourages nutrient absorption. Gatorade Zero is designed to help prevent dehydration, but it does so without the added sugars and calories found in the traditional Gatorade. Gatorade Zero contains electrolytes in the form of sodium and potassium, which are vital for supporting the body’s fluid balance. These electrolytes help your body retain fluid, which can be crucial in preventing dehydration.

3. Fights fatigue

Although Gatorade Zero doesn’t provide the same caloric energy as the original Gatorade, it does contain sodium and potassium. These electrolytes are necessary for muscle function and for producing energy. A lack of sodium and potassium can cause muscle weakness and physical exhaustion.

4. Prevents deficiencies

Bariatric surgery affects your body’s ability to absorb certain nutrients, putting you at risk of deficiencies. Unlike water, Gatorade Zero has added vitamins and nutrients, which can help prevent complications associated with decreased absorption.

5. No sugar crash

Gatorade Zero doesn’t have high sugar levels compared to other sports drinks, so blood glucose levels don’t spike. This prevents the sudden crash often associated with high-sugar beverages. By preventing hypoglycemia, you will have sustained energy levels essential for proper recovery and it will help avoid dumping syndrome.

What Gatorade is best for you?

Gatorade Comparison Chart Can I Drink Gatorade After Bariatric Surgery

The original Thirst Quencher Gatorade and its lower sugar version, G2, are not ideal for bariatric patients. The sugar-free version, Gatorade Zero, is an excellent choice following bariatric surgery but includes artificial flavors and colors. If you are sensitive to these ingredients, consider trying Gatorade Fit. GFit is formulated with watermelon juice for natural coloring and stevia for sweetness with only 3 g of Carbs.

Another great option for you after weight loss surgery is Gatorade Zero with Protein for added nutrition. Regardless of your preferences and goals, Gatorade has a product to meet your needs.

Final Notes

One of the essential aspects when you are preparing for bariatric surgery is the role of hydration. Gatorade (GZero) is a popular and sound selection for bariatric patients.

Talk to our nutritionist to find the best hydration choices pre- and post-operation.

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