Case Study #2: Lap-Band Failure, Revision to Gastric Sleeve

Imagine undergoing Gastric Banding (Lap-Band) only for it to be an utter failure.

Deciding to undergo bariatric surgery, Joanne began research surgeons in the United States to escape the 5.5 to the 6-year wait list (similar wait lists occur in other provinces like Nova Scotia, Canada). A resident of British Columbia, Canada, Joanne traveled to Seattle, Washington in the United States to undergo Lap-Band Surgery.

After receiving her Lap-Band surgery, she began experiencing a very common complication and side effect: vomiting. For three years, she regularly began vomiting living in total discomfort. She consulted US bariatric surgeons, and they didn’t realize that there is a fill and told her there is no liquid (fill)…

Transition to Revising Her Surgery

After researching online for weeks, she chose surgeons with Mexico Bariatric Center, because of their excellent reviews. Joanne also liked the fact that both doctors would work concurrently on patients.

Another reason Joanne traveled to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, is because in Mexico you can choose dedicated bariatric surgeons. Surgeons who cultivate their craft over their entire career, instead of surgeons who practice all gastrointestinal surgeries.

Lap-Band to Gastric Sleeve

Going from Lap-Band surgery to Gastric Sleeve is a pretty straightforward procedure, but the doctor mentioned that her body did not accept the band, and that is why she was throwing up. The doctors noticed that band had slipped.

Gastric Banding is an outdated procedure according to both surgeons because of its high risk of complications and side effects, its extensive effort required by the patient post-surgery and the relatively low expected weight loss.

Currently, the patient is resting in our Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – 4-Star Hospital, awaiting her flight back to Canada.

She asked for the band once removed to take back with her.

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