causes of obesity, woman holding a scaleMany factors can contribute to obesity. Especially in the world we live in today, laziness and bad eating habits we are born into. From playing video games excessively to eating fast food regularly, it’s becoming harder and harder to prevent weight gain, let alone childhood obesity or even morbid obesity.

What is obesity? Obesity is defined as having a Body Mass Index of 30 or above. This is an industry-standard for calculating overweight problems based on height and weight.

With 20% of every death worldwide caused by health problems tied to being heavy, it’s time to combat this global epidemic and take serious action. But first, we must fully understand the leading causes of obesity. So, let’s dive in…

Obesity Contributors

The five leading causes of obesity include energy balance, heredity, metabolic disorders, eating and social habits, and psychological facts.

1. Energy balance

To work right, your body needs the energy that comes from food. When you eat the same amount of food your body needs, your weight stays the same. If you get more energy from your food than you need, some are left over. Your body stores that extra energy as fatty tissue. If your body never uses the extra fat, you will gain weight.

How much food you need depends on how fast your body uses energy. Some people with higher metabolism use energy faster than others. Some need more power because they are more active.

2. Heredity

If others in your family are obese, then you have a higher risk of obesity. A study in Canada looked at 12 sets of identical twins. Each twin consumed 1000 extra calories a day for three weeks. All of the subjects in the study got fat. But not all of them gained the same amount of weight. The interesting thing was that in each set of twins, one twin gained the same amount as the other.

In 1994, scientists found a gene in mice that was linked to obesity. This gene produces the protein gut hormone known as leptin, which contributes to feeling full. Mice with a defective gene eat large amounts of food. But when humans were studied, the results were not the same, So it seems unlikely that a single gene can explain severe obesity.

Genetic research does show that some processes don’t work as well in obese people as they do in others. These include how fat is burned, metabolism, and feelings of hunger and fullness.

3. Metabolic disorders

Metabolism refers to how your body gets energy from food. Lots of things can affect metabolism. For instance, trouble with your thyroid gland can change your metabolism and lead to obesity or morbid obesity.

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4. Eating and social habits

Your diet can affect your chubbiness. Things like not eating a balanced diet, fast food, and fattening snacks between meals can cause obesity. Another habit that can cause obesity is eating portions that are too large or too rich. Drinking too many high-calorie beverages can also cause it. Not getting enough exercise can make the effect of these habits worse.

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5. Psychological factors

Most people’s eating habits are affected by their surroundings. For some people, smell and color will cause them to eat more. Some will eat to be social. It goes without saying that avoiding your temptations is probably best. However, psychological factors can be preventable if you can learn to cope with them and build healthier habits.

How to Combat Obesity

Holly Before and After Bariatric Surgery

The leading surgical option for treating obesity is known as bariatric surgery; many procedures are minimally invasive and performed laparoscopically. In the last few years, weight loss surgery has become the most effective surgery to help fight morbid obesity long-term.

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