Some of our patients who undergo bariatric surgery in Tijuana, Mexico, prefer bringing along a travel companion to keep them company. We do allow one companion* within our all-inclusive packages which can indeed be comforting to have somebody along for the ride when preparing to undergo life-changing surgery.

But there are some who cannot necessarily bring a friend or companion along with them. This may lead you to fear, anxiety, and stress as all of the unknowns and worst-case scenarios flow through your mind.

* For the safety of our patients, our staff, our surgical teams, and hospital staff we are only allowing companion visitation and not staying at night since the COVID Pandemic.

So let’s go ahead and take a look at why traveling alone to undergo surgery can be very enjoyable.

Traveling to Tijuana Mexico without a Companion - Tijuana Towers Border

Many Patients Prefer Traveling Alone!

For many people, it is easier to go alone since it’s one less person that you have to worry about. Some patients find having a companion is more stressful or difficult than traveling alone.

One of our former patients, Jay states, “I will say all I worried about was Sean (her companion). Had I been alone I could have focused on me and resting and walking. The more walking you do post-op the better you get.” (View her success story here.)

So while taking a companion is a nice way to have support during this journey, there is potential that you can be just as comfortable either way as there is less to think about when on your own.

Finding a Surgery Buddy

Once you’ve booked your surgery date and have joined our Facebook support group, it can be helpful to see if any others in the support group have the same surgery date. Should others respond and say they also have the same surgery date, you can begin to develop a connection with them by messaging each other. By the time you get to Tijuana to undergo surgery, you will have a friend there who is there for the same reason as you.

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Our Staff is With You Every Step of the Way

From the moment that you arrive in San Diego to the moment that you return to head back home, our staff will be there to help you. From our drivers to the hospital staff and the hotel coordinator, our staff is here to help answer questions and take you through the process.

Within the Hospital Mi Doctor, our surgeons and staff are always there for you. Their goal is to give you a safe and comfortable experience throughout your surgery, recovery, travel, hotel stay, and hospital stay.

Our Staff in Tijuana, Mexico

Patients Sharing Their Experience

Safely Store Your Belongings

Our hospital will provide you with a safe in which you can store your belongings for safekeeping. This enables our patients to have peace of mind while undergoing surgery and during recovery. The hotel will also provide a safe within the hotel room which you can use if necessary.

When a new patient posted about traveling alone and being worried, Jay also stated,

“If you are alone you can ask your intake person to lock up your passport, cash in their safe in a Ziploc bag during your time in surgery till you are discharged. They did that for someone on my floor. Make sure your suitcase has wheels. When you fly home, make sure you tell the airport you recently had surgery (they are used to it in San Diego).

They put you in their golf cart and take you to your gate (Sean loved this BTW). Then at the gate tell them you had surgery and you get to board first. Have the steward lift your bag into the cargo bin. DO NOT do it yourself, I did, and it hurt. Bring bouillon granules and tea bags for easy pre-op and post-op travel, all you need is hot water from a coffee place, a place to eat or the steward on the plane.

Wear your compression socks from surgery on the plane ride home or bring some of your own. Chapstick, gas x strips, and a book. Make you have an international plan on the cell, and you have your bank know you are in Mexico. When you at the hotel and hospital you will never be alone again. The friends you make on this journey are yours forever. And I still text my roomie from time to time. YOU got this…We got you, my friend.”

Traveling to Tijuana Mexico without a Companion - Tijuana Towers Border

Overall Safety in Tijuana During your Stay

Some worry about safety in Tijuana, but it is, in fact, a safe and affordable place to travel to for surgery.

Our staff and former patients are excellent sources of information for any questions you have regarding just what it is like once in Tijuana. Again, some of the best places to hear about our company and our services are from those who have been helped by us and can speak from experience.

We Have Helped Thousands of Patients with or without Companions

We have helped thousands of patients undergo weight loss surgery who may or may not have had a companion at their side. Some of them do get nervous about traveling alone and are pleasantly relieved at how smooth the process was when they return home. While we do offer the ability to bring a companion, we have structured our process in such a way that you are in good hands even when on your own.

If you have any questions about our services and process, you are welcome to submit a question on our contact page or call us at 855-768-7247