Mexico Bariatric Center Vs. Competitors

The first things that always come to mind after researching the procedures are reviews and real-life results. These are the main determining factors when choosing a surgery provider. Remember that there is much deceptive advertising and fake reviews just so companies out there can promote their businesses.

Mexico Bariatric Center Logo WhiteTijuana Bariatric CenterALO BariatricsGoLite BariatricsBe Slim BariatricsRenew BariatricsObesity Control Center
Gastric Sleeve Pricing$4,395$4,395$4,700$4,699$4,895$6,500
Private TransportationUber/Lyft
Hotel NameHyatt PlaceGrande HotelMarriottQuartzQuartzReal Inn ResortMarriᴏtt
Hotel Stay (Nights)1x Pre-Op11x Pre-Op
1x Post-Op
1x Pre-Op
1x Post-Op
Hospital Stay (Nights)2222221
Pre-Op / Post-Op Nutritionist
Complication Insurance$149 OptionalIncluded?
# of Leak Test3?132 or 3??

Medical Tourism Operators Competitor Analysis

Analyzing the various bariatric centers in Mexico is a crucial part of choosing the most suitable provider for weight loss surgery. Examining the advantages of Mexico Bariatric Center in comparison to other providers is a direct approach to understanding why more than 20,000 patients have opted for our services.

  • Reputation

    Mexico Bariatric Center® has developed a strong reputation amongst our patients. Because of our professional service, patients frequently refer others to us for surgery.

  • Reviews

    Search for Mexico Bariatric Center® reviews on Google, and you will find that we are highly rated on Facebook, Yelp, Google, and Obesity Help by our past patients.

  • Price

    Our prices are set at a range that provides an affordable option without compromising quality to ensure your safety. Be aware of Fake Deals!

  • Safety

    Patients who travel to Tijuana for gastric sleeve surgery with Mexico Bariatric Center® can rest assured that safety is our top priority.

Why Competitors Can’t Compare to Mexico Bariatric Center®

Mexico Bariatric Center® is a best-in-class Mexico Medical Tourism operator dedicated to bariatrics. MBC holds over 20,000 successful surgeries compared to competitors like Tijuana Bariatrics™ or Pompeii Surgical, with much fewer operations.

MBC provides world-renowned exclusive surgical teams who comply with proper bariatric protocols. Our board-certified bariatric surgeons are experienced in all types of weight loss procedures, including endoscopic and laparoscopic. That is why patients have the lowest complication and long-term success rates.

A remarkable network of professionals by your side every step of the way.

From the reviews we get from customers, we are highly regarded and recommended as one of the best bariatric centers in Mexico. Customers love MBC not because of our cheap and high-quality surgeries but the accompanying services. Our all-inclusive packages feature transportation, hotel stay, a post-op care program, and lifetime nutritional support. Most bariatric centers only provide surgical services but not all of the amenities.

  1. We are passionate about helping people renew their lives
  2. We provide the best value for patients with unmatched prices
  3. We work with centers of excellence with private rooms and bathroom

MBC is a “US-based” corporation headquartered in Sacramento, California. Unlike “Tijuana-based” companies that don’t have to comply with or follow the same United States-based business rules, we strive to uphold regulations and practices at MBC.

A Lighter Me

A Lighter Me


A Lighter Me is a “home-Based” company in Elk Grove, CA, owned by Bravo Development and run by Sandy Johnston. Formed in 2002, A Lighter Me provides plastics and dental services besides bariatrics in Tijuana, Mexico. ALM works with Dr. Elias Ortiz as their main surgeon performing around 9 surgeries daily.

ALIGHTERME uses 3 other weight loss surgeons: Dr. Mariano Covarrubias, Dr. Miguel Montalvo, and JP Fernandez, MD FACS. A Lighter Me uses Dr. Omar Lazos for plastic and reconstructive surgeries.

Sandy Johnston was a bariatric surgery patient herself and had put together a guide in “Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico.”

ALighterMe is a BBB A+ rating and uses two medical facilities in Tijuana, Mexico—Mi Doctor Hospital for bariatrics and CER Hospital for plastics. ALM is working with the Nakeji Dental Group, formed in 2004.

The biggest difference between A Lighter Me and Mexico Bariatric Center is that they have no nutritionist and no surgeon liaison working with bariatric patients. As one of the major providers of Mexican weight loss surgery, they offer gastric sleeve, and gastric bypass procedures to their patients.


  • A Lighter Me’s main surgeon Dr. Elias Ortiz is really famous and completed many successful surgeries.


  • No nutritionist
  • No Surgeon Liasion
  • A home-based company with no physical headquarters

Learn more about A Lighter Me

Tijuana Bariatrics

Tijuana Bariatrics

Tijuana Bariatrics has been in business since 2013, with only two bariatric surgeons on their team. Dr. Fernando Garcia is the main surgeon, and Dr. David Vazquez (no longer working in the group). This limits the number of procedures and the difficulty of what they perform. Tijuana Bariatric Center (TBC) has been offering medical tourism to its patients on and off.

Tijuana Bariatrics has been open for almost a decade as a U.S.-based corporation that performs many weight loss operations. The downside of Tijuana Bariatrics is that with only two bariatric surgeons on their team, this limits the number of procedures and difficulty of what they perform.

One really sketchy thing about their patient photos on their website is that they are actually models by hire. They mentioned that on the bottom of their website with a disclaimer sign.


  • All surgeons are well-experienced and certified
  • The surgeons only perform 4-5 surgeries a day for good-quality surgery
  • They offer several nights of stay at the Marriott Hotel


  • No Surgeon Liaison
  • Only one surgeon
  • At the bottom of their website, it says the pictures are actual models, not actual patients. Thus, the photos on their websites are fake.
  • Works in various hospitals*

* TBC used CER Hospital for a while and now is operating at the Oasis Hospital the Playas, Tijuana. Do you want a Mexico Based Business with a virtual address as its headquarters?

Pompeii Surgical

Pompeii Surgical

Pompeii Surgical is a weight loss surgery company providing procedures in Tijuana, Mexico. Dr. Sergio Quinones direct Pompeii Surgical and works with Dr. Enrique Saucedo, Dr. Luis Pasten, and Dr. Carlos Galindo Lopez.

Pompeii Surgical Center has a 4.9 rating on Google from over 500 reviews. The base price for a gastric sleeve procedure with Pompeii is $5,300.


  • Limited to only 4 surgeries a day for good quality
  • They have modern and pristine operating rooms
  • Beautiful recovery house in Rosarito
  • In-house financing


  • Down payment of $2,500 for in-house financing
  • Recovery house shared room – private room costs more

Weight Loss Agents in Mexico

Weight Loss Agents do seem to have all the necessities for the surgical procedures, however, compared to Mexico Bariatric center, their hotel reviews often have many reviews such as those which their patients are not satisfied. Whereas our travel stay is well-known for offering top-quality service, and accommodations, and patient care. Weight loss agents is a discounted bariatric company based in Mexico headed by surgeon Dr. Mario Almanza.

They have 16 surgeons!!! This averages at less than 1,500 bariatric surgeries performed by each surgeon. This is very low compared to our surgeons who have performed a minimum of 3,500-5,500 successful weight loss procedures. This average doesn’t give their surgeons a lot of expertise, skill, or training. In 2018, Weight Loss Agents chief surgeon, Dr. Mario Almanza made headlines of major news outlets injuring dozens and and even causes death of patient due to surgery complications. [Watch News Story]


  • Their certified surgeons have done over 16,000 surgeries and claim to be well experienced.
  • They limit their surgeries per day, thus every surgery is performed to top-notch
  • A great variety of packages
  • They have 14 surgeons
  • Their hospitals are highly advanced just like the ones in the USA


  • One of the weight loss surgery that their surgeon performed killed someone due to complications
  • Less than 500 likes on the main Facebook page and bad google reviews
  • They have a really confusing website with the content just everywhere

Obesity Control Center

Obesity Control Center

The Obesity Control Center has been around for over ten years. OCC does seem to have all the surgeries experience because they completed over 25,000. Dr. Ariel Ortiz is the head of the Obesity Control Center; he has been featured on many media and news programs. Dr. Ortiz is working alongside Dr. Arturo Martinez and Dr. Marcos Castaneda (no longer with them).

The downside to OCC is they only have two surgeons, thus making each surgeon perform a large number of surgeries per day. (If they hit 25,000 with 3 surgeons, that would take each surgeon 18 surgeries every day for an entire year.)


  • Their surgeons are world-class and completed over 20,000 surgeries
  • They offer a 3-night hotel stay for gastric sleeve
  • 5-star hotel


  • Only 2 surgeons, thus limiting the number of surgical procedures a day
  • Not much of a variety of weight-loss surgeries
  • They don’t offer duodenal switch surgery
  • Only one night in the hospital for the gastric sleeve
  • Transportation, surgical material, and fill adjustment are all you will have to pay



Endobariatric is a beautiful facility founded by Dr. Guillermo Alvarez, who is specializes and experienced in Gastric Sleeve Surgery only. Endobariatric does seem to offer a variety of benefits to their surgical process. However, the length of their surgery time seems to be too low. This makes many wonders if the surgery is even done to its best quality.

On their website, only Cristalbal Garza seems to be a board-certified surgeon, whereas the other surgeons are not. Endobariatric also seems to have only 5 surgeons, thus limiting the number of surgical procedures per day.


  • They only accept 3-5 sleeve patients a day for good-quality surgeries
  • They have 5 surgeons
  • Their surgeries only last about 25 minutes
  • No long wait time for surgery sign ups
  • They offer a 3-night stay in the hospital
  • They offer a 3-night stay at La Quinta Inn & Suites


  • Only Cristalbal Garza is a board-certified surgeon; the rest are unknown

Lighter Dream Bariatrics

Lighter Dream Bariatrics

Lighter Dream Bariatrics is a brand-new bariatric agency that started in 2019. Although their trust is very low, they claim to help patients achieve weight loss results and an obesity-free life the way patients have always wanted. Their newly developed website showcases surgeons, surgeries, and very little information about them.

This weight loss facilitator works with surgeons like Dr. Mario Camelo, Dr. Cazares, and Dr. Navarros. Unfortunately, their primary coordinator goes by a fake alias of Christine Premier. Compared to a top provider like Mexico Bariatric Center, Lighter Dream is the polar opposite regarding the trust, reviews, service, and overall dependability offered at MBC.


  • Lighter Dream advertises real surgeons in Mexico
  • The website is up to date
  • Previous experience in the Mexico medical tourism industry


  • Performed under 250 surgeries since opening
  • No trust in the industry
  • Difficult to find real reviews
  • Very small Facebook following

Read More About Lighter Dream Bariatrics

BeSlim Bariatrics - Weight Loss Surgery in Tijuana Mexico

Be Slim Bariatrics

Be Slim Bariatrics (BSB) is offering similar packages for surgeons as a spin-off of the company called Lighter Dream. BeSlim’s main headquarters in Sacramento, California, is to provide cheap weight loss procedures in Tijuana.


  • 3 non-exclusive bariatric surgeons
  • U.S.-based coordinating company
  • Medical tourism paid member


  • Less experienced surgeons
  • Newly formed company
  • Non-transparent pricing

Renew Bariatrics

Renew Bariatrics

As a mid-level weight loss surgery facilitator, Renew Bariatrics works with multiple surgeons and hospital facilities to accommodate patients travel for affordable bariatric surgery in Mexico.

Although they have high likes on their main Facebook page, Renew Bariatric has very few reviews. Additionally, they charge you extra cost if you want to bring a companion. On the upside, though, they offer the main weight-loss surgeries. They also made a statement on their website, dedicating their life to helping others fight obesity.


Although Renew Bariatrics does not work exclusively with surgeons, they have many benefits.

  • 4,000+ likes on the main Facebook page
  • They offer the main weight-loss surgeries
  • They have financing options
  • Medical Tourism Insurance is included in every surgery package
  • Knowledgeable patient coordinators and staff
  • Well-known surgeons
  • Low all-inclusive price


  • No exclusive surgeons
  • Many extra fees and hidden costs
  • Uses fake names for owner and management
  • Facebook, Google, and Yelp reviews are less than 30
  • No in-house financing
  • If you want to bring a companion, you have an additional cost

Learn more about Renew Bariatrics

ALO Bariatrics

ALO Bariatrics

ALO Bariatrics is a Mexico-wide bariatric center offering obesity surgery in Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta, and even Tijuana. This Mexico-based company is named after the Founder and Chief Surgeon, Dr. Alejandro Lopez.

Dr. Lopez has been a part of the weight loss surgery industry for over a decade, offering procedures like sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass, revision surgery, and other popular surgeries. Unfortunately, their website doesn’t have a section or page that talks about the company, which isn’t very transparent or trusting. ALO offers the main weight-loss surgeries and has a top-notch package deal. Led by Dr. Alejandro Lopez, MD, ALO Bariatrics has a lot of experience while offering a few different surgeons who range in price.

With only about 3,000 likes on their main Facebook page and less than 20 reviews on Facebook, Google, and Yelp, ALO doesn’t have a solid reputation like Mexico Bariatric Center. Nonetheless, they are a legitimate provider, and Dr. Lopez is well-known in the Mexican weight loss surgery industry. The main downside is that only one surgeon completed over 6,000+ surgeries, and the other three surgeon’s experiences are unknown.


  • They offer most of the common weight-loss surgeries
  • They have multiple locations around Mexico
  • They have private transportation, pre/post-op diet, and hotel stay


  • Less than 20 reviews on Facebook’s main page, google, and Yelp
  • Only about 3,000 likes on the main page
  • Only one surgeon has completed 6,000+ surgeries, and the other three surgeons never mentioned how many surgeries they have completed.
  • Some of the surgery pages have good detailed descriptions and some have short and not very descriptive details.

Successful Bariatric Surgeries

4.8 Stars

Google Reviews


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How Our Competitors Stack up? (Basic Statistics Overview)

Are you looking to trim down in Mexico?

That is a smart decision; Taking control of your life and getting rid of extra weight to live a healthy life! Take advantage of competitively low prices of bariatric procedures in Mexico! Here are some tips on how to go about it…

The first things that always come to mind after researching the procedures are reviews and real-life results. These are the main determining factors when choosing a surgery provider. Remember that there is much deceptive advertising and fake reviews just so companies out there can promote their businesses.

Look around carefully and only trust live reviews and real people talking about their experiences. Also, call the medical tourism bariatrics operators to make sure you get the desired results you want. A low-price option may not be the best option because there is a reason why one company is offering it for such a low price.

Medical Tourism Operators Competitor Analysis

As the marketplace for Mexico Bariatrics is getting more crowded, we identified and evaluated these 10 Mexico weight loss surgery agents for our competitor research. Here is the side-by-side overview of Mexico Bariatric Center®, ALighterMe®, Endobariatric, ALO Bariatrics, Pompeii Surgical, Renew Bariatrics, ObesityControlCenter, and TijuanaBariatricsCenter, MedicalTourismCo.

CDC recommends that medical travelers go through facilitators (intermediaries) who aid with contracting medical services and arrange concierge services, including transportation and hotel accommodations.

Especially with the current Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic, it’s important to find out who is opened or closed and what safety standards are in place for disease control and prevention. The factors we looked at while comparing other facilitators for Patients Beyond Borders for affordable weight loss surgery in Mexico:

  • Reputation: Mexico Bariatric Center® has developed a strong reputation amongst our patients. Because of our professional service, patients frequently refer others to us for surgery.

  • Reviews: Search for Mexico Bariatric Center® reviews on Google, and you will find that we are highly rated on Facebook, Yelp, Google, and ObesityHelp by our past patients.

  • Price: Our prices are set at a range that provides an affordable option without compromising quality to ensure your safety. Be aware of Fake Deals!

  • Safety: Patients who travel to Tijuana for gastric sleeve surgery with Mexico Bariatric Center® can rest assured that safety is our top priority.

Side by Side Competitor Comparison Overview

When researching bariatric surgeries in Mexico, many people undermine the importance of it or simply have difficulties finding any information on that topic. However, it is statistically proven and just common sense that all of those factors will lower the possibility of complications after the procedure.

Do not rely solely on Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook for credibility. Followers, comments, and likes can be purchased. Before and After photos can be stolen or edited.

All surgeries, whether in the U.S. or in Mexico, have a risk factor. So, be careful when making a life-changing decision; you want a very experienced and accredited professional because they are working with your body.

You must think of a million things and watch out for when going to Mexico for weight loss surgery. However, you must also remember that even if Mexico is very close, it is still abroad, and you want everything covered for you. Think about things such as where to stay before and after the procedure, how to get to the airport, who will be leading you through the whole stay there, helping with the language barrier, etc. Watch out and look for the package that includes all the necessary services.

Here we want to tell you about the worry-free, all-inclusive and out-of-the-door packages offered by Mexico Bariatric Center®. MBC has the right expertise, from travel arrangements to post-treatment care to give you peace of mind for a safe and pleasant experience.

This is research based on pricing, experience, and data for A Lighter Me®, Endobariatric, Lighter Dream Bariatrics, ALO Bariatrics, Pompeii Surgical, Renew Bariatrics, Obesity Control Center (OCC), BeLiteWeight, Ready4aChange, Mexico Bariatric Services, Elias Ortiz and Company (EOC), and Tijuana Bariatrics Center (TBC). This is meant for educational purposes, comparing all weight loss surgery providers in Tijuana, Mexico.  The statements made are from extensive research and may be changed. Individual results vary.