What’s the Cost of Gastric Bypass Without Insurance?

iStock_000015775887_LargeCompressed (1)A lot of people take into account whether or not their insurance will cover their gastric bypass surgery during the decision-making process. The cost of bariatric surgery can affect those who are uninsured and have to pay out of pocket for their surgical procedure. It is important to take the time to consider all of the costs that can vary from state to state.

Of all three most popular weight loss surgeries, Gastric Sleeve, Lap Band and Gastric Bypass, the gastric bypass surgery is by far the most expensive. The gastric bypass surgery does require an expert surgeon and the cost of doctor used can alter the overall price.

Costs of Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric bypass surgery is typically performed in the United States and even in medical tourism situations in Mexico. In the United States, the Gastric Bypass surgery costs without insurance range from $15,000-$35,000 based on the geographical location. The overall cost of the surgery did not change significantly since 2013. While this price range is wide, the average cost weighs in at $22,000.

Gastric bypass surgery in Mexico is often as much as 1/3 the cost in the states, from $7,000-$9,000. The package includes room and board, the surgical procedure (including all anesthesia, surgeon fees, labs, etc.) and a hotel stay for several days following discharge from the hospital to prepare for the trip home. Mexico is a popular destination for medical tourism options and with organizations ensuring the safety of patients there; they are fast becoming a growing trend for uninsured Americans to use to receive affordable surgery without breaking the bank.

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What The Cost Includes

The cost of weight loss surgery, especially gastric bypass, depends on many factors including the type of surgery having (Whether laparoscopic or not), the surgeon’s fee and the hospital you choose to have surgery at. The surgeon’s fee depends on where you live, their expertise and the complexity of your surgical procedure. Other costs include surgical assistant’s fee, anesthesiologist’s fee, operating room fees, hospital room costs, lab and diagnostic tests and device charges.

It’s important to understand that there will be other after surgery costs to consider as well that someone insured or uninsured should be aware of. Many insurance companies may not cover them as the patient may already have used their cap limit for the year, and uninsured patients will need to add this to their budget for the process. Nutritionist appointments will occur post-op and are vital to a patient’s success. Also, if complications do occur as a result of the surgery, if the patient is uninsured they will have to pay for the treatment of these problems. Other things such as nutritional supplements (and a lot of them), gym memberships and healthy food all add to the overall cost of daily life.

Finding the Right Gastric Bypass Surgery Opportunity

It’s no surprise that cost plays a significant role in determining if bariatric surgery is for you. However, it should not be the only consideration during this decision-making process. Once you decide that you want to have the surgery or need to have it to correct your failing health, the next step is to research surgeons and surgery center and choose one that works best for your situation. You should try to find a good doctor that works with your budget, but cost should not be the only determinant in choosing a facility. Finding a happy medium between the quality of the procedure received the price will help give you a better chance at feeling satisfied post-op and with the best results possible.

Benefits of Undergo Gastric Bypass Surgery in Mexico

Mexico Bariatric Center has one of the lowest costs for any gastric bypass surgery in Tijuana, Mexico. If you’re planning on self-paying for gastric bypass, it’s important to consider the lowest cost option, medical tourism, as a viable option.

  • Mexico waits list is significantly lower in the U.S. and Canada. Canada is known as one of the longest wait times of bariatric surgery, sometimes being years. In Mexico, as long as you’re qualified, you can undergo surgery within a month. To know about our current schedule of operations – please contact us today!
  • Mexico surgeons are dedicated to medical tourism and bariatric surgery – they perform gastric banding and other bariatric surgeries in volume – which has been shown to decrease complications and increase patient outcomes.

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