What is the Cost of Gastric Sleeve Without Insurance?

The first question many people ask themselves when deciding to have Gastric Sleeve Surgery or any bariatric surgery is, “Will my insurance cover this?”  If the insurance covers it, the final out-of-pocket costs depend on the hospital and surgeon you choose, insurance plan, financing, and tax savings. Often cost can play a significant role in whether or not in a person decide to have Gastric Sleeve surgery. For those uninsured, it is the primary determinant of whether or not they can afford it as they are paying out of pocket and finding a good surgeon that won’t break the bank.

Gastric sleeve is one of the top 3 weight loss surgeries performed in the United States and Mexico. The gastric sleeve surgery requires an expert surgeon and the surgeon chosen will directly affect the overall price of an operation. It’s important to research surgeons and facilities and find one that works best for a patient’s situation and the complexity of their doctor while taking care not to choose the cheapest process simply because it is cheap.

Average Costs for Gastric Sleeve

While prices may vary based on the patient’s location, typically the price of gastric sleeve surgery is a bit more than the gastric band and a lot less than gastric bypass. The price range for 2014 Gastric Sleeve prices is similar to the year before, which is good news for those looking to have the surgery this year. The average cost of gastric sleeve surgery is $11,500-$24,000 in the United States, with $15,500 the average cost across the nation – this price includes all anesthesia, surgeon’s fees, surgical assistant’s fees, labs or diagnostic tests, etc. Usually, the prices of gastric sleeve surgery in Southern states is cheaper than Northern states. For example, the cost of sleeve gastrectomy surgery in Massachusetts is around $31,500, whereas in Oklahoma the cost is as low as $11,500.

Patients who travel to Mexico via medical tourism options can expect to pay on average $6,000-$12,000 for a gastric sleeve procedure. These packages often include room and board; a hotel stay following the discharge for a few days before flying home and all costs associated with the procedure and the surgeon’s fee.

The gastric sleeve has notoriously not been covered by insurance; however, more insurance companies are becoming more tolerant to approving these procedures. For those with insurance and are dealing with this situation, many surgeons will perform a duodenal switch surgery (which is covered or at least a part is) in combination with a gastric sleeve procedure to help the patient save money.

After Surgery Costs

It’s important to understand there are costs that are associated with the post-op experience of gastric sleeve surgery. Nutritionist appointments are often not covered and are imperative to the success of a patient’s weight loss. Also, many nutritional supplements are required daily for the rest of a patient’s life, which can be costly.

Fortunately, compared to other bariatric surgeries, there is little follow-up with surgeons as other weight loss surgeries and all post-surgery follow-up visits with a surgeon are typically free and a part of the initial cost. Also, any complications that may occur (happen rarely) will be an added cost and for those insured will come out of pocket. Some patients even choose to have plastic surgery such as body lift surgeries or tummy tucks following excessive weight loss, all of which would be an added cost as well.

Choosing the Best Gastric Sleeve Surgery Option For You

Yes, the cost is a major factor in deciding whether or not this surgery is for you. However, with the increasing number of studies that show the benefits of the surgery as well as what excessive weight loss can do for obese individuals, the decision isn’t that difficult. Take time to research various facilities and surgeons to determine what one works best for your budget and your particular surgery. Try to find a good doctor that is dedicated to your success. Take time to find a happy medium between the quality of the procedure and success you receive the amount of money you spend. Good health is just around the corner!

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