The Importance of a Dietitian in Achieving Weight Loss Success

Diet plays an important role in both losing and maintaining weight. Many who struggle to lose weight or keep it off lack the appropriate guidance. For this reason, Mexico Bariatric Center provides a dietitian to aid in the weight loss process.

Bariatric procedures such as gastric sleeve include a preoperative and postoperative diet plan. The purpose of these diet plans is to ensure that the patient has a safe surgery and a fast recovery. After gastric sleeve surgery, for example, there are 4 phases to the post-op diet. These 4 phases help to ensure that the stomach can heal properly.

What Happens if a Proper Bariatric Diet is Not Followed?

If a patient does not adhere to dietary guidelines, there is a chance that they may:

Family eating dinner. The importance of a dietitian after bariatric surgery.

  • Be denied surgery by their bariatric surgeon
  • Damage their stomach before it fully recovers
  • Get poor nutrition if wrong foods are eaten
  • Fail to lose weight due to excess calories
  • Experience long-term health issues
  • Be hospitalized if complications are serious

When to Seek a Dietitian After Recovery

After you have recovered from surgery, support for your diet may still be needed. Some patients lose weight and do great for a while, but 

Woman standing by a picnic table. Importance of a dietitian after bariatric surgery.

then hit a stall or gain weight later on. Often times, this is due to the patient needing to adjust their diet and lifestyle.

If you struggle to keep weight off or lose weight after surgery, contact a dietitian. A dietitian can provide the knowledge and tools needed to get back on track! Whether it has been months or years since surgery, it’s always good to adjust diet as needed.

Benefits of Bariatric Surgery

While it does take work to maintain proper nutrition, there are great health benefits to gain. Bariatric surgery has been shown to help patients 

who suffer from health issues such as:

Learn More About the Bariatric Surgery Diet

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