Dr. Ismael Cabrera at Seminar - Weight Loss Surgeon in Mexico

Dr. Ismael Cabrera Surgical Team

Dr. Ismael Cabrera, MD is a top-rated and board-certified bariatric surgeon located in Tijuana, Mexico. In recent years, Tijuana has been a growing attraction for medical tourism due to its low cost and top-rated surgeons, especially for treatments that stop obesity like gastric sleeve and gastric bypass surgery. For this reason, many specialists and surgical teams have been gaining popularity including premier weight loss surgeon in Mexico, Dr. Ismael Cabrera.

Dr. Ismael Cabrera Surgical Team - Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico


Surgical Experts

Years Experience

Patient Satisfaction

Certifications, Awards, and and Achievements

Dr. Ismael Cabrera has the following certifications and achievements listed below:

  • Certified by Mexican Council of General Surgeons (CMGG, AC)
  • Certified by Mexico College of Bariatric and Metabolic Surgeons (CMCOEM, AC)
  • Certified Bariatric and Metabolic Surgeon
  • Limits any surgeries to 4 per day to ensure quality
  • Has trained in both the United States and Mexico
  • Successful Results and Low Complication Rate
  • Over 4,500+ Successful Surgeries Completed
Dr. Ismael Cabrera Surgical Team - Bariatric Surgeon in Mexico
Dr. Ismael Cabrera Surgical Team - Mexico Bariatric Center

Surgical Team and Staff

Dr. Ismael Cabrera Garcia has an advanced team with outstanding results in the obesity-treatment industry. As one of Mexico’s top weight loss surgeons, Cabrera was one of the first specialist in Tijuana to receive board-certification and has performed in bariatrics since 2009. With his expertise and safety standards, he only has staff that is fully-trained, quality driven, and provides outstanding patient care.

Karla, Patient Coordinator

Karla is the head Tijuana patient coordinator responsible for speaking and guiding patients throughout the entire process. She is by your side throughout the entire process once you land in San Diego. She speaks directly with patients about the trip to the hotel, stay at the hospital, surgical process, and post-op checkout.

Pre-Op Physician

Mexico Bariatric Center ensures pre-op testing and lab work prior to any weight loss procedure. Our testing physician varies although plays a role in daily check-up during both preoperative and postoperative. This involves:

  • Blood testing
  • Urine testing
  • Heart rate checking
  • Pulse testing
  • Measuring weight
  • Talking to patients and making sure they meet their needs
Dr. Cabrera and Team Meeting Patient
Dr. Ismael Cabrera's Anesthesiologist in Tijuana Bariatric Surgery Center
Dr. Alejandra Moreno Surgical Instrumentist


Dr. Cabrera’s anesthesiologist is responsible for communicating directly with Cabrera to discuss medications and dosage that each patient should be taking. Their role also involves patient preparation for surgery.

Surgical Nurse Technician

Dr. Alejandra is the primary surgeon assistant for Dr. Cabrera. As a highly trained medical professional, Dr. Alejandra has been assisting bariatric surgery for many years. Dr. Cabrera uses the following medical professionals when performing all of the medical services offered.