Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela’s Surgical Team

Louisiana Valenzuela, MD is a world-renown bariatric and metabolic surgeon practicing in Mexico. She resides in Tijuana, the most popular destination for weight loss surgery in Mexico. Dr. Valenzuela is now board-certified and one of the best bariatric surgeons in Tijuana, Mexico. As an exclusive surgeon to Mexico Bariatric Center, she has a top-tier surgical team while performing bariatric surgery.


About Surgical Team

Dr. Valenzuela works with a team of professionals that are dedicated to bariatrics for safe and effective care of weight loss surgery (WLS) patients. Her personnel are specialized, skilled, and well-trained to offer the best experience and outcome.

Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela Sanchez - Gastric Sleeve Surgeon and Patient Herself
Dr Valenzuela at Hospital Mi Doctor with Patient

Surgical Equipment

Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela masterfully uses an array of specialized laparoscopic equipment and instrumentation to ensure a safe and successful outcome. She chooses the most advanced, high quality, and FDA-approved equipment, instrumentation, and supplies for bariatric surgery.

Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela performs her surgeries using Ethicon Echelon Tri-Staple stapler from Johnson & Johnson. Dr. Valenzuela’s endoscopy camera tower is among the best in the industry.

Ethicon Echelon Stapler

Surgical Instrument Technician

Alejandra Moreno is Dr. Valenzuela’s Surgical Instrument Technician. She is experienced and has been working in Dr. Valenzuela’s team handling and managing all surgical instruments used during bariatric surgery. Alejandro has been a part of Dr. Valenzuela’s team since 2012 when she joined Mexico Bariatric Center.

Alejandra-Moreno Surgical Instrumentist
Alejandra-Moreno Surgical Instrumentist