Duodenal Switch Surgery Cost

Are you unable to overcome obesity? Have you tried to lose weight with diet and exercise but were unable to maintain the weight loss. If your body mass index is 45+ or you are revising a previous surgery, the duodenal switch surgery is an affordable, all-inclusive bariatric procedure that we offer at Mexico Bariatric Center.

What is the Duodenal Switch?

Duodenal Switch Surgery (BPD-DS)

Duodenal Switch Surgery is a highly effective, yet complex procedure designed for morbidly obese patients. As the most aggressive type of weight loss surgery, the DS is a long-term solution to lose weight quickly and overcome obesity. It is one of the best bariatric surgeries for the reduction of obesity-related health problems such as diabetes type 2, hypertension, and sleep apnea.

The BPD/DS is so advanced that few doctors are capable of performing the procedure. Both the biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch (BPD/DS) and the SADi-S utilize two mechanisms for weight reduction; restriction and malabsorption. It is a cross between a gastric sleeve and a gastric bypass that sheds substantial weight loss by considerably altering the gastrointestinal tract.

The surgery offers restriction by cutting 70% of the stomach, which reduces hunger hormone levels known as Ghrelin. The DS also offers the malabsorptive mechanism by “switching” the intestinal tract to reduce the amount of food is absorbed into the body.

How Much Does Duodenal Switch Surgery Cost?

The cost of duodenal switch surgery can range from $7,500 to $32,000 based on the location you undergo surgery.

Due to its level of difficulty and expertise needed, the cost of duodenal switch surgery is relatively high, and difficult to find a surgeon specialized. Mexico Bariatric Center® has two of the most experienced laparoscopic duodenal switch surgeons, Dr. Rodriguez Lopez and Dr. Jacqueline Osuna. Compared to the world, we are a high-volume duodenal switch center that provides an all-inclusive surgery package for one of the most affordable prices.

Affordable Duodenal Switch pricing starts at $7,995 with Mexico Bariatric Center.  Start by filling out a health questionnaire to get approved and to receive an exact quote for your weight-loss journey.

Cost of Self-Pay Duodenal Switch Surgery Per Country

Self-Pay Price Comparison

Duodenal switch pricing is quite high for uninsured or under-insured and varies based on location, the experience of the surgeon, the surgical facilities, and what is included in the all-inclusive package. Duodenal Switch surgery can easily cost $25,000 and $38,000 in the United States and Canada. The price is significantly lower at surgery centers in Mexico, where the level of patient care and safety standards are rising.

The cost of undergoing Duodenal Switch in Mexico is between $8,000 – $12,000; saving medical travelers roughly about 78% compared to the United States.

The gastric reducting duodenal switch (GRDS) is a ‘last-resort’ surgery reserved for super high BMIs patients. Here are the costs of duodenal switch around the world in countries that perform the surgery.



Costa Rica$14,000
United States$32,000

Affordable Duodenal Switch Surgery Packages in Mexico

Mexico Bariatric Center offers All Inclusive Out-the-Door Duodenal Switch packages that include transportation from San Diego Airport to MBC facilities in Tijuana, Mexico, in-town transportation, 1 or 2 nights accommodations in 4.5-star hotel, 3 nights hospital stay, pre-op and post-op tests, surgery cost, with nutrition support at affordable prices.

All of our cost-effective weight loss packages include just about everything you need except airfare. Our all-inclusive package includes;

  • Hospital Stay – 3 Nights (Not Recovery House)
  • 4-Star Hotel Stay, 1-2 Nights
  • Surgeon and Hospital Fees
  • Surgery & Anesthesia
  • Bariatric Hospital w/ Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
  • Private Transportation
  • Nutritionist Consultation (Pre/Post-Op)
  • Follow-up Aftercare Support
  • Post-Operative Test (3 Leak Tests & Drain)
  • Skilled & Experienced Bariatric Surgeons
  • Pre & Post-Op Medication

Additional Costs Required for Duodenal Switch Patients

Keep in mind that a lifetime regimen of vitamins and supplements is critical to take daily and costs approximately $100 per month following surgery. However, these costs are frequently offset by the fact that individuals undergoing a duodenal switch commonly have a lower overall prescription, medication, and food costs.

Additional benefits of duodenal switch surgery are reducing the symptoms and damage related to obesity-related diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. Severely obese individuals frequently struggle with these chronic illnesses.

Cost of Duodenal Switch Surgery

Is Duodenal Switch Covered by Insurance?

Duodenal switch surgery is a surgical intervention for morbid obesity that offers treatment that often cannot be obtained by other means. It is for this reason that numerous health insurance companies may cover the procedure costs if a candidate meets the nationally accepted criteria.

Following a consultation with a bariatric surgeon near you, the doctor will commonly prepare a “Letter of Necessity” for the candidate’s insurance company. This document outlines the necessity for medical intervention. The insurance company will make a determination of eligibility based on this information. This process is called pre-certification or pre-authorization. The time frame involved in this process varies widely among insurance companies. Confirmation of a pre-authorization clears the way to proceed with the surgery.

Medical financing options are also an alternative for patients that want to take advantage of price breaks available in locations such as Mexico.

About Duodenal Switch and How it Works

The Duodenal Switch is also known sometimes as Bilio-Pancreatic Diversion with Duodenal Switch (BPD/DS) and its modified version SADI/S. The duodenal switch procedure involves the removal of a portion of the stomach, and the left “sleeve”-like stomach is attached to the final section of the small intestine. Patients can anticipate the possibility of experiencing a 60 to 80 percent total weight loss following this duodenal switch surgery.

The post-op diet is more strict because of the strict malabsorption component. Patients can expect very little food to be digested because of the significant portion of the intestinal bypass.

Duodenal Switch Surgery Schematic - Mexico Bariatric Center

Nicola Scorpinaro, an Italian physician, is credited with founding the Biliopancreatic Diversion procedure more than forty years ago. Dr. Douglass Hess perfected the method in 1989 to reduce many of the DS complications associated with the version created by Scopinaro. It was in 2006 that duodenal switch surgery gained approval to be performed within the United States.