Sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) give you temporary satisfaction (rush), but they are empty calories and not good for you. Whether it is sods, energy drinks, sports drinks, or fruit juice, they have high sugar content and are potentially addictive.

Here are 10 practical and effective tips to help you replace sodas with new and healthier alternatives. Using this simple plan, it is possible to stop SSBs with minimal symptoms of agitation or withdrawal.

Why You Shouldn’t Drink Soft Drinks

Our research highlights a series of problems or conditions that may be worsened or associated with the regular intake of soft drinks, which include, among others:

10 Steps to Stop Drinking Soda and Energy Drinks

Before quitting, you will need your soda replacement, a source of caffeine, and aspartame/High-Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) withdrawal products. Try to get enough to last you about 2 weeks. Once you have these, start by replacing your soda addiction with a similarly flavored soda that is a little bit better for you.

1. Get Rid of Any Remaining Soda in the House

The first step to stop drinking soda is to remove everything remaining in your home and dispose of it in the sink. This symbolizes your passion for stopping drinking soda. The first thing when you wake up in the morning would be a good time to do this, especially if you think you might be tempted to drink it.

2. Find a Caffeine Substitute

While cola usually does not have as much caffeine as coffee, most people drink much more, and the net effect would be similar. If you still drink coffee or some other source of caffeine while leaving your cola, red ginseng tinctures and magnesium oil are not as essential (although magnesium oil is very beneficial to your health). If soda or energy drinks were your primary source of caffeine and you had remedies to eliminate caffeine, take a single red ginseng tincture before having breakfast and rub the magnesium oil after your morning shower. This combination will provide more stable and relaxed energy than the nervous jolt of caffeine.

3. Eat a Substantial Breakfast

Eggs are a common, healthy food for breakfast. They work in the body as a refreshment because they satiate you and stabilize your blood sugar levels. Eggs are important because they generally reduce hunger pains by mid-morning. Having chromium, cinnamon capsules (if you use them), and a teaspoon of fish oil rich in omega-3. If you like cereal for breakfast when they do not satisfy you as much and are not effective for blood sugar levels, combining both cinnamon and chromium with your cereal and having fish oil should reduce the negative effects of not drinking soft drinks. Fish oil can also provide beneficial omega-3 fatty acids to help absorb nutrients.

4. Have a Substitute for Cravings

Think about when you used to drink soft drinks during the day. If it is mid-morning or lunch, be prepared with your soda alternative. At the first sign of any desire to drink a soda, have your soda substitute immediately. We are not trying to use the reserve to resist the addiction to soda. On the contrary, we are training a new, healthier habit to replace soda addiction. In the beginning, it is important to do a ritual and be more aware of the process.

Example: If you use superfruit concentrates, you can start with ice blocks at the glass’s bottom. Pour a good dose of concentrate into the ice and observe the intense color. Add the mineral water with gas and watch everything shine. When you put it on your lips, take your time to appreciate the sensation of drinking it. The more alternatives to soda, the better off you will be informing new habits, and the easier it will be to stop drinking soda forever. Try not to compare the taste with cola or any other fizzy drink, but rather enjoy this new, special, healthier alternative.

5. Use Red Ginseng as a Caffeine Source

If you eliminate the main source of caffeine from your diet that you once had with the soda, try taking a tincture of red ginseng on an empty stomach before lunch. Taking ginseng later on can make you feel more energized than you want to feel. The perfect time would be between breakfast and lunch. Ginseng tinctures can replace the caffeine race around energy for a more balanced day. At the same time, they are compatible with the adrenal glands as they begin to recover from the damage that caffeine has caused them.

6. Have Healthy, Protein-Based Lunches

Like breakfast, lunch would ideally be based on healthy, protein-based food sources. Organic chicken in a large salad of green leaves OR sardines in a spicy tomato sauce with steamed vegetables is a good example of lunches that will stimulate the mind and help stop drinking soda. Again, take your fish oil, chromium, and cinnamon as usual. If your multivitamin dosing instructions allow more capsules or tablets per day and you want to get as much support as possible, you can take another one with lunch. If it’s twice a day, then breakfast and dinner are probably the best options for you.

7. Slowly Wean Off Soda Replacement

Continue to match your soda replacement with each time you feel like you need a soda. Take your time and enjoy your replacement and the sensation of drinking it. Obviously, it’s not easy, but clear your mind and try your best. Quitting the habit with only willpower is much less likely to be long-term effective than replacing that old habit with a new one. Make a pact with yourself that if you feel like drinking soda, you can’t have one. If you want to reduce your daily consumption, use something healthy like superfruit concentrates. Having these for the first few weeks, new habits have been in place long enough.

8. Healthy Snacks During the Day

When cravings occur, try eating a healthy snack throughout the day. A mixture of nuts and fruits is good for balanced energy while keeping your mind off of soda until the craving passes. Eating smaller meals every 3-4 hours helps control blood sugar levels more stable and avoids strong cravings. Eat as healthy as you can during the next two weeks while quitting soda. Obviously, it is very important to avoid fast food establishments where you practically assume that you will have a large soda with your hamburger and fries. If you care to stop drinking soda and energy drinks, you will avoid these places like they are the plague!!!

9. Dinner Remedies

As with the other main meals mentioned above, try to base your dinner on a healthy source of protein, such as fresh fish and steamed vegetables OR organic chicken, instead of overloading carbohydrates with pasta. potatoes or rice Have your multivitamins and other supportive remedies for weaning with dinner.

10. Stay Focused on Your Goal

During the next two weeks, continue to allow yourself to have your soda substitute whenever you want. It is important that your mind begins to connect the feeling of wanting a soda with the new healthy drink instead of the unhealthy one.

Why is Soda Pop Addictive?

In general, 80% of soda pop (called pop in the Midwest and soda on the East Coast) is consumed by over 20% of the population. The high sugar, sodium, and caffeine content in soda, the more likely you are to suffer from dehydration. The full sugar variety of soda pops is one of the most addictive toxins that you can take and should be consumed no more than once a month. Our body does not know how to handle liquid sugar, which is one of the worst weight-gaining substances in any form.

Popular soft drinks like Coca-Cola and Pepsi in the United States contain high-fructose corn syrup. However, Mexican Coke and Pepsi are made with sugar cane. Soft drinks made from real sugar are less sweet and seem less addictive. Diet pop may not be as bad as the regular full-sugar version, but it still is poisonous to our bodies.

There are two main difficulties for individuals to drop the pop:

A) Caffeine in Soda Pop

Caffeine Molecule

Caffeine Molecule

Some people drink soda pops a few times a day on a daily basis. One main factor in stopping soda pop is a molecule called caffeine. Caffeine is extremely addictive; almost every soda and energy drink has it. People trying to stop drinking soda typically experience headaches and feel sluggish. These feelings aren’t because of the soda or energy drinks but the caffeine withdrawal symptoms.

If you can substitute caffeine with coffee, tea, and caffeinated water, it can ultimately turn into a positive change in your life. Although, adding sugar and creamer to your tea or coffee is no improvement over the soda or energy drinks that you are trying to quit. You can add unsweetened almond or soy milk and cinnamon or unsweetened cocoa powder.

B) Sweet Taste of Pop

A lot of people like the sweet taste of soda pop and enjoy it. Full sugar soda pop is very sweet and changes our taste buds and brain. When you regularly drink sugary beverages, your taste for the natural sugar found in fruits diminishes significantly – called taste adaptation. But this is a much simpler problem to deal with than weaning yourself off the soda drink. Once you stop drinking soda pop, your awareness of the sugar in fruit heightens in a few days. You will be able to eat fruit as a substitute for your soda drink.

Final Thoughts

Try to control your intake of caffeine and your alternative to sugar cravings/abstinence. Find the best support product supplies and ensure you have enough to avoid getting lost or relapsing. If you use superfruit concentrates, you can choose from many varieties, and it may be interesting to try new ones after the first two weeks to find one that you like.

By the second week, your caffeine withdrawal symptoms should decrease, and you could start reducing ginseng tinctures to one per day. The same is applicable to sugar-craving remedies. If you take them two or three times a day, you can try to reduce them to once or twice. They are always better with food, where you know you are more likely to be hungry again a few hours later. I would probably recommend staying with Chromium for a while, maybe just once a day, because it’s very effective at reducing cravings.

These are 10 practical and effective tips to stop drinking soda and energy drinks. Simply replace them with a healthy alternative. If you can follow this guide for two weeks, I believe this plan will give you a great opportunity to stop your addiction to soda and improve your health and energy level.

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