Arlington, TX Bariatric Surgery Seminar 2017

Arlington, TX Bariatric Surgery Seminar 2017


Seminar Information

This Arlington, Texas bariatric surgery seminar took place on Saturday, May 27th, 2017. Bariatric surgeon, Dr. Alejandro Gutierrez and Founder of Mexico Bariatric Center, Ron Elli, Ph.D. enjoyed seeing all who attended our latest seminar about Dallas, Texas weight loss surgery. At this event, Ron and Dr. Gutierrez shared about what Mexico Bariatric Center can do for our bariatric patients and connected with the guests to address their questions and concerns. Former patients were also kind enough to attend and stand up front to share their success stories. As an expression of their gratitude, Mexico Bariatric Center included some special promotional offers for those who attended the bariatric surgery event in Arlington, Texas. Weight loss surgery in Dallas, Texas through Mexico Bariatric Surgery.

Special Promotional Offers Included:

  • One lucky winner received a promotional discount off of the gastric sleeve surgery package.
  • $15 Amazon gift cards were also given out to select attendees at this event.

Seminar Photos

A full house as guests listen to Dr. Gutierrez’s presentation
A full house as guests listen to
Dr. Gutierrez’s presentation.
Dr. Gutierrez discussing different
bariatric surgery options in Tijuana.
Dr. Gutierrez relaxing in the front lobby the night before his presentation - Mexico Bariatric Center - Arlington, Texas Bariatric Surgery Seminar
Dr. Gutierrez relaxing in the front lobby
the night before his presentation.
Dr. Gutierrez answering questions
regarding bariatric surgery.

About Texas

Texas is known for their infamous statement that everything there is bigger and better. Texans are highly proud of their land and are highly protective of it. Many Texans are cowboys so it is difficult to miss people in cowboy boots and hats rocking that rancher lifestyle.

It’s a fun and somewhat rowdy state, where most bars play country western music and use beef as a staple on their menu. It is also a very patriotic state, with schools having students pledge daily both the United States and Texas flag, and they pay great respect to those who serve the country.

Texas Obesity Statistics - Mexico Bariatric Center - Arlington, Texas Bariatric Surgery Seminar

Texas Obesity Statistics 2016

Texas sits at 8th place among the nation’s most obese states, according to The State of Obesity: Better Policies for a Healthier America. As of 2016, the obesity rate in adult residents of Texas is at 33.7%, up from 21.7% back in the year 2000, and from 10.7% in the year 1990.

Current Adult Obesity Rate (as of 2016)


Obesity-Related Health Issues


11.2% (Ranked 17/51)


29.5% (Ranked 40/51)

Heart Disease

Cases in 2010


Expected by 2030



Cases in 2010


Expected by 2030


Obesity-Related Cancer

Cases in 2010


Expected in 2030



About Mexico Bariatric Center

At Mexico Bariatric Center, we provide quality services to those who require bariatric surgery but cannot get covered by their medical insurance provider. Our prices are exceptionally lower than those in the United States, Canada and across the globe. Our bariatric surgeons specialize in bariatric surgery with a limited number of surgeries performed on a daily basis to ensure that all patients are given great attention and complications are at a minimum, making our complication rate below 0.5%.

If you would like to seek consultation from one of our patient coordinators to determine whether or not you qualify for our services, fill out a pre-screen today and a patient coordinator will be in contact with you.

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