Calgary, Canada Bariatric Surgery Seminar – 2017

Ron Elli, Ph.D. and Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela traveled to Canada to educate Calgary, Alberta patients fighting with obesity and its associated diseases.  Mexico Bariatric Center’s founder and CEO, Dr. Elli, has been at the forefront of medical tourism since 2007. Ron has been a catalyst to so many people changing their lives with the help of bariatrics.

The purpose of the Calgary bariatric event was to provide the chance to learn about the expected results of weight loss surgery, risks, lifestyle changes before and after surgery, surgeon availability, as well as payment options. On top of the information that we provided at this event, we also offered great promotions to our guests who attended the Calgary, Canada bariatric surgery seminar.

Seminar Information

Special thanks to all guests who attended our Calgary, Canada bariatric surgery event on July 22nd, 2017. We enjoyed giving you the exciting chance to meet our CEO/Founder, Ron Elli, Ph.D. and one of world-renowned bariatric surgeon, Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela.

Special Promotional Offers at This Event Included:

  • $15 Amazon gift card vouchers were given out to select attendees.
  • One lucky winner received a discounted Mexico gastric sleeve surgery package at the end of the seminar.

Former patients also attended this event along with any of their friends and family members that they felt could benefit from our seminar. Some of the former patients who attended this event were kind enough to stand up front and share their success stories for all to hear, providing inspiration for those seeking a solution to their struggles with obesity.


Ron Elli - Mexico Bariatric Center

Surgery Expert

Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela - Best Bariatric Surgeon in Mexico

Our Promotional Offer for Former Patients Who Attended:

Former patients of MBC were given the opportunity to receive a $100 gift card when guests they brought along with them signed up for surgery during the event, as long as they had completed surgery within 60 days. This promotion was very well received by our former patients.

Seminar Photos

Ron Elli and Dr. Valenzuela with Patient - Mexico Bariatric Center - Calgary, Canada Bariatric Surgery Seminar
Ron Elli, Ph.D. seen with
Dr. Valenzuela and a patient.
Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela - Mexico Bariatric Center - Calgary, Canada Bariatric Surgery Seminar
Ron Elli, Ph.D. seen with
Dr. Valenzuela and a patient.
Ron Elli with Patient - Mexico Bariatric Center - Calgary, Canada Bariatric Surgery Seminar
Ron Elli, Ph.D. seen with
a patient advocate.

Seminar Videos

About Alberta

Alberta’s culture is booming with art, dance, theatre, music, and history. Edmonton and Calgary have remarkable symphony orchestras, providing quality music and adding a classy flair.

Edmonton holds the Servus Heritage Festival every August, which brings together nearly four hundred thousand participants from over 70 cultures around the world who live in or around the city.

Lake Ohara Alberta Canada - Bariatric Surgery Seminar
Horse Sled Alberta, Canada
Calgary Alberta Bridge

Alberta Obesity Statistics 2012

As contributing factors such as fast food, sedentary lifestyle, sedentary work, environment, and the distraction of social media grab ahold of Canadian residents, the obesity rates are reaching alarming levels. Being obese is a life-threatening ordeal that can lead to diabetes, cancers, Alzheimer’s disease, sleep apnea, and other obesity-related comorbidities.

The purpose of our hosting these seminars is to spread awareness of an affordable option for those struggling with obesity. Bariatric surgery in Tijuana cost is extremely low when compared to those in Canada. Another factor that can be an issue is the wait time to get approved for surgery. Our process is much faster, making the option of surgery a reality within less time.

Why choose us? The surgeons with Mexico Bariatric Center are specialized experts in bariatric surgery, focusing a limited number of procedures performed per day to limit complications. Because of this, Mexico Bariatric Center has maintained a complication rate below 0.5%.

Adult Obesity Rate in Alberta, Canada (as of 2012)

Mexico Bariatric Center - Calgary Canada Bariatric Seminar

1 in 4 Canadians are obese (ranging from a 23.3% to 25.4% obesity rate nationally)

Obesity is most common in ages 45 to 54 at 32.6% and those ages of 55 to 64 at 36.5%

The overall prevalence of obesity is highest in men ages 45 to 64 at 38% and in women ages 55 to 64 at 35%


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