Dallas Bariatric Surgery Seminar – 2016

The informational bariatric seminar took place on Saturday, June 25th in Dallas, Texas. Former patients of Mexico Bariatric Center and individuals considering weight loss surgery in Tijuana, Mexico all came together to meet with bariatric surgeon, Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela as well as Founder of Mexico Bariatric Center, Ron Elli, Ph.D.

Seminar Information

Ron presented the surgical treatment of obese and super obese patients in Mexico. Dr. Valenzuela covered the bariatric procedures in detail and answered questions from the audience.

  • What to expect when traveling down to Tijuana for surgery
  • Bariatric procedures covered by Mexico Bariatric Center
  • Negative effects of obesity on one’s health
  • Benefits and risks of bariatric surgery in Tijuana

Guests considering bariatric surgery also got the exciting opportunity to listen to former patients as they stood up front and shared their gastric sleeve success stories. The patients were also kind enough to answer any questions that guests may have, enabling those considering bariatric surgery to have more knowledge on what to expect after their procedure. As a token of gratitude for their attendance, Mexico Bariatric Center also provided promotional offers to those who attended.

Promotional Offers Were Provided at This Event:

  • One lucky winner received a discounted gastric sleeve surgery package in return for submitting a health questionnaire during the event.

$15 Amazon gift cards were sent out to select attendees who also filled out a bariatric surgery health questionnaire.


Ron Elli - Mexico Bariatric Center

Best Mexican Bariatric Surgeon

Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela - Best Bariatric Surgeon in Mexico

Seminar Photos

Former MBC patient, Paula, sharing her gastric sleeve story
Former MBC patient, Paula, sharing
her gastric sleeve story.
Dr. Valenzuela speaking to guests after the bariatric surgery seminar ended
Dr. Valenzuela speaking to guests after
the bariatric surgery seminar ended.
Terri, sharing about taking her daughter to Tijuana to undergo bariatric surgery
Terri, sharing about taking her daughter to
Tijuana to undergo bariatric surgery.

Seminar Videos

About Texas

Texas has a very distinct culture, with a strong focus on the country lifestyle. Many Texans have a popular statement that everything is bigger and better in Texas, and they take pride in their land. Patriotism is also big in Texas as Texans honor those who serve the country, with pledges to both the U.S. and Texas flags being a common practice in their schools.

All across the state, country songs continuously play on the radio and ring out at live concerts. When it comes to food in Texas, beef is a popular choice with steak being commonly served at bars and restaurants.

Texas Obesity Rate - Mexico Bariatric Center - Dallas Texas Seminar - 2016

Obesity Statistics in Texas as of 2016

Texas sits at 8th place among the nation’s most obese states, according to The State of Obesity: Better Policies for a Healthier America. As of 2016, the obesity rate in adult residents of Texas is at 33.7%, up from 21.7% back in the year 2000, and from 10.7% in the year 1990.

Current Adult Obesity Rate (as of 2016)


Obesity-Related Health Issues


11.2% (Ranked 17/51)


29.5% (Ranked 40/51)

Heart Disease

Cases in 2010


Expected by 2030



Cases in 2010


Expected by 2030


Obesity-Related Cancer

Cases in 2010


Expected in 2030


Source: https://stateofobesity.org/states/tx

About Mexico Bariatric Center

Getting weight loss surgery in Texas without health insurance coverage can be as expensive as $23,000. Mexico medical tourism offers bariatric packages that can save patients from Texas over 70%.

Mexico Bariatric Center strives to provide the best in quality care at affordable prices to those who cannot afford surgery in the United States, Canada, and other countries across the globe. Mexico Bariatric Center’s specialized staff gives full support and guidance from start to finish as people fly down to San Diego and cross over to Tijuana for surgery. The specialized surgeons perform only a limited number of surgeries per day to limit complications and ensure that all patients are treated well. Because of the attention put into making sure patients are well taken care of, Mexico Bariatric Center has maintained a complication rate of less than 0.5%.