Seminar Information

Mexico Bariatric Center’s Houston, TX seminar took place on Saturday, January 31, 2015. The event was hosted by the president and CEO of Mexico Bariatric Center (MBC), Ron Elli, Ph.D. and bariatric surgeon, Dr. Ismael Cabrera. Together, Ron Elli, Ph.D. and Dr. Cabrera covered important topics such as:

This event offered a great opportunity for men and women considering bariatric surgery to:

  • Meet former MBC patients and talk with them before and after the seminar
  • Hear patient testimonials as patients stood up front and shared their stories
  • Submit a health questionnaire during the presentation for the chance to win a large promotional discount on the gastric sleeve surgery package. At the end of this seminar, a name was drawn at random and the winner of the gastric sleeve surgery package was selected!

Seminar Photos

Ron Elli, Ph.D. discussing bariatric surgery costs
Ron Elli, Ph.D. discussing
bariatric surgery costs.
Dr. Ismael Cabrera discussing bariatric surgery options
Dr. Ismael Cabrera discussing
bariatric surgery options.

About Texas

Texas is the second-largest state within the United States in terms of land and population. It is also the nation’s leading producer of cattle, oil, and cotton. Many Texans take pride in their belief that everything is bigger, stronger, faster, and richer. Bigger is not always better though as the obesity rate in Texas sits at more than 30%, placing them at 8th place in terms of highest obesity rates across the nation.

Texas National Rank in Obesity Rate 2016

Texas Obesity Statistics as of the Year 2016

Texas sits at 8th place among the nation’s most obese states, according to The State of Obesity: Better Policies for a Healthier America. As of 2016, the obesity rate in adult residents of Texas is at 33.7%, up from 21.7% back in the year 2000, and from 10.7% in the year 1990.

Current Adult Obesity Rate (as of 2016)


Obesity-Related Health Issues


11.2% (Ranked 17/51)


29.5% (Ranked 40/51)

Heart Disease

Cases in 2010


Expected by 2030



Cases in 2010


Expected by 2030


Obesity-Related Cancer

Cases in 2010


Expected in 2030


Source: https://stateofobesity.org/states/tx

About Mexico Bariatric Center

Mexico Bariatric Center (MBC) has a strong focus on the patient experience. Our mission is to provide a safe, affordable, and convenient option for those who cannot afford bariatric surgery in the United States, Canada, or other locations of the world. By offering low-cost packages and fast scheduling, we provide our patients the chance to get the care they need with less stress and within a short window of time. Our staff includes a personal patient coordinator, nutritionist, surgeon liaison, ground transportation in Tijuana, surgeons, nurses, and more who are there to help you every step of the way.