Tulsa, Oklahoma Bariatric Seminar – 2017

The Tulsa bariatric surgery educational event was held on April 22nd, 2017. Expert bariatric surgeon, Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela, and Founder of Mexico Bariatric Center®, RonElli, Ph.D., shared information about surgical treatment of obesity as well as medical tourism in Mexico with the attendees.

This was the second time that Mexico Bariatric Center held an event like this in Tulsa. The first Tulsa bariatric informational seminar took place in 2016 when Dr. Elli and Dr. Ismael Cabrera traveled to Oklahoma to educate individuals struggling with obesity and its underlying medical condition about bariatrics.

Seminar Information

World-renowned bariatric surgeon, Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela, and Founder of Mexico Bariatric Center, Ron Elli, Ph.D. enjoyed seeing some new faces at our latest weight loss seminar in Tulsa, Oklahoma. At this meeting, former patients of MBC and people considering bariatric surgery in Tijuana all came together in one place. Some of the past patients who attended shared about what it is like to undergo weight loss surgery in Tijuana, Mexico, and the results they achieved.

At this event, guests also learned about the Mexico Bariatric Center process, procedures offered, affordable weight loss surgery packages, the health risks of being obese, and the benefits of weight loss surgery. On top of providing all of this in-depth information, Mexico Bariatric Center included some special promotional offers!

Promotional Offers for Guests Who Were Present:

  • One winner was selected in a random drawing at the end of this event for a very large promotional discount on the all-inclusive gastric surgery package.
  • $15 Amazon gift cards were also given out to a select number of guests who attended this event.

Seminar Photos

Dr. Valenzuela discussing
bariatric surgery options.
Ron Elli, Ph.D. speaking
at the seminar.
Dr. Valenzuela during the
Q&A session of the seminar.
Tulsa Seminar_Valenzuela
Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela taking a question
from a guest at the seminar.
Ron Elli, Ph.D. at sign-in desk
working with his staff.

Seminar Videos

About Tulsa

Tulsa was once considered the oil capital of the world and has developed into a small, but a vibrant modern metro area. There is a warm and welcoming hospitality within the culture, making Tulsa it a very inviting environment to live in.


This city comes packed with a variety of attractions and entertainment venues as well as over 140 parks. If you are looking for world-class art, opera, ballet, a day at the zoo, or a day out enjoying the sights, Tulsa is a great gateway. Some popular events in Tulsa are Oktoberfest, food festivals, the Tulsa Tough annual bicycle race, the Universe music festival, and the list goes on.


Tulsa, OK Obesity Statistics 2016

According to The State of Obesity: Better Policies for a Healthier America, Oklahoma ranks at 9th place in the highest obesity rate in the United States. As of 2016, the obesity rate was 32.8%, up from 20.1% in the year 2000 and 10.3% in the year 1990.

Current Adult Obesity Rate (as of 2016)


Obesity-Related Health Issues


10% (Ranked 12/51)


36.2% (Ranked 9/51)

Heart Disease

Cases in 2010


Expected by 2030



Cases in 2010


Expected by 2030


Obesity-Related Cancer

Cases in 2010


Expected in 2030


About Mexico Bariatric Center

The vision of Mexico Bariatric Center since its inception has been to provide an affordable alternative for those who can not get medical to cover their bariatric surgery procedure in countries such as the United States and Canada. MBC operates out of a certified hospital within Tijuana with expert-certified surgeons. Our complication rate is below 0.5%, with post and preoperative care provided to our patients.

Our bariatric surgery pricing can be significantly lower than what one may pay in the United States or other countries and includes a full package of services. Interested in bariatric surgery and want to see if you qualify? Fill out a pre-screen and find out if you do!

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