Struggling with Excess Skin?

One issue many fear when it comes to rapid weight loss is having loose, saggy skin. At Mexico Bariatric Center, we have helped thousands of people successfully undergo affordable bariatric surgery such as gastric sleeve and gastric bypass.

Bariatric procedures are an excellent tool for achieving long-term weight loss faster than dieting alone. However, losing weight fast can potentially lead to excess skin in areas such as the stomach, upper arms, thighs, and legs. Plastic and cosmetic surgery, such as body contouring, improves the tone of underlying tissues while removing excess fat and droopy skin. Post-bariatric patients can renew their body contours.

What Causes Excess Skin After Weight Loss?

Many factors play into excess skin after rapid weight loss, including genetics, age and pre-op weight, general health, and diet.  Loose skin often occurs when a large amount of weight is lost in a short amount of time.

It can happen with weight loss through dieting, but it is even more likely to happen to those who receive bariatric surgery. For a patient with gastric sleeve surgery, we often see major results in the first year, sometimes losing 100 pounds or more! When this occurs, the skin does not shrink fast enough to keep up with the rate at which weight volume is lost.

About Body Contouring Surgery to Remove Excess Skin

A body-contouring (mommy makeover) procedure is designed to remove excess skin from troubled areas such as the abdomen, thighs, and back. The areas where excess skin is removed can vary from person to person, and the operation can be customized. The most commonly performed procedures are the upper body lift, and lower body lift.

The upper body lift removes the excess skin on the back, removing skin rolls on the back, running along the bra line. The lower body lift, also known as a circular tummy tuck or lipectomy, is a standard procedure for patients who have excess sagging skin on the lower abdomen post-bariatric surgery.

Usually, intravenous sedation or general anesthesia is used during the procedure. After the patient is sedated, the surgeon places various incisions on the body where the excess skin will be removed. Once the skin has been removed, tapes, skin adhesives, or sutures are placed in order to close the incisions.

Am I A Candidate for Body Lift Surgery?

Mexico Cosmetic CenterAfter undergoing body lift surgery, it is possible for the skin to become flabby again. This can happen if a great deal of weight is lost after body lift surgery. For this reason, it is important that the surgery is performed at a point where additional weight loss will be minimal upon recovery.

Individuals who have loose skin all over the body, don’t have medical conditions that impair healing, and do not smoke are candidates for this surgery.

After Skin Removal Surgery

The surgeon places a small tube under the skin to drain any blood and fluid from the body until a specific amount of fluid has been removed. The waste is typically removed in a doctor’s office outside the surgical center about 2 weeks after surgery. Some sutures dissolve on their own, if they do not, they will be removed during this post-op appointment.

Additionally, compression garments are worn to control swelling that occurs after surgery, as well as help smoothen and flatten the skin. The amount of activity the patient can do after surgery varies from patient to patient.  Surgeons want all patients to rest and avoid vigorous exercise for 6-8 weeks after surgery while the body heals.

Body Lift Surgery in Mexico

Undergoing body lift surgery in Tijuana, Mexico, can be a safe and successful experience for patients. It is important. However, that research is done to ensure a reputable plastic surgeon is selected. Health travel agencies can work with you to find a suitable option.

The board-certified plastic surgeon you select can speak with your physician to determine the best steps to take in preparing you for surgery. Once all details are sorted out, a price can be given in terms of all surgery costs. Best Mexico plastic surgeons specialize in excess skin removal in post-weight loss persons. MCC surgeons go above and beyond to ensure patients are properly prepared for surgery by ordering necessary pre-op testing for safe results.

If you are considering body lift surgery as an option, call our sister company, Mexico Cosmetic Center, at 1-916-224-9611.