Making a phone call in Mexico is much more expensive than in the US. You may want to do one or more of the following:

  1. Call your mobile carrier before you travel to find out if you can make international calls and if there are other fees that may apply such as roaming/out-of-network calling. Activate international coverage rates with your individual carrier before entering Mexico.
  2. Purchase and activate an international calling card before entering Mexico. Roaming fees may still apply – so check with your mobile carrier.
  3. Take advantage of Wi-Fi services (both at the hospital and hotel) to make free calls from your iPhone, IPad, and smartphone. To use WiFi;
    1. From your Phone, go to your Settings > Select VOIP (Voice Over IP) OR Select WiFi Calling option rather than using your mobile network or cellular data.
    2. Ask your carrier for further detailed instructions if you are unable to find/activate this setting on your Smartphone.
  4. To Make Free International Calls: You will be charged for using your phone’s data/minutes if you are not using the VOIP setting or Wi-Fi calling setting.
    1. Download calling apps such as Viber: Get Viber Here.
    2. Facebook: How To Make Free International Calls With Facebook Messenger
    3. Other similar apps and invite those whom you will contact while you’re in Mexico. You can even video call using these apps!

Calling To/From Mexico

When making a call from Mexico, Dial:

  • Mexico to the United States: 001⎯Area Code⎯Number (ex. 001-707-1234-5678)
  • Mexico to Canada: 001⎯Area Code⎯Number (ex. 001-707-1234-5678)
  • The United States to Mexico: Dial: 011-52-area code-number (ex. 011-52-707-1234-5678)
  • Canada to Mexico: Dial: 011-52-area code-number (ex. 011-52-707-1234-5678)