Approximately 24 hours before your departure, our driver will call you to confirm all of your flight/parking information. You should schedule your flight arrival before 12:00PM (noon) and departure flight after 2:00PM.

Victor Cabrera is our full-time driver who will coordinate all transportation from arrival to departure and everything in between.

Option #1: Flying in/out of San Diego International Airport

  • If you are flying into the San Diego, CA International airport, the driver arranges to pick you up at the airport and take you straight into Tijuana, Mexico.

Important Tips for Flying:

  • Make sure whether you drive or fly back from San Diego to move your feet frequently!!! Stop and stretch out your legs or if flying walk to the restroom often and make sure to keep hydrated.
  • DO NOT try to lift your bag into the car or overhead storage compartment on the airplane, ask for assistance.

Option #2: Driving to/from San Diego Airport

  • If you are driving into the San Diego, CA International Airport (or somewhere local within San Diego), here is a link that will guide you right into the airport: Driving directions to SD airport.
  • Traveling towards the Border – Our driver will cross you through the San Ysidro port of entry to Tijuana. You might want to check out – where you can view the traffic (via live feed) of all the different entry points in Mexico.

Option #3: Driving yourself into Mexico

  • If you plan on driving into Mexico, certain vehicle documentation will be needed in addition to your passport; i.e. permits, Mexican insurance, etc.

For detailed information on these requirements, please see: Requirements for driving your car into Mexico and Info about Mexico Car Insurance

Did you find out if you qualify? Take the first step by filling out a health questionnaire here:

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