We always perform 3 leak tests to prevent any complications after surgery. There are two during surgery. The first is where methyl blue is injected into the stomach and with the scopes, the surgeons look for blue dye in the abdominal cavity. In the second, the removed stomach is inflated with CO2 and is observed for deflation. The patient is not consciously aware of this either of these. The next leak test is one day after surgery. The patient will drink a hydrosoluble contrast solution and any leaks will be detected by X-ray. A patient receives a copy of the results of this last leak test.

90% of leaks are identified within 24 hours. 97% within 72 hours. This is why the surgeons have patients spend 2 to 3 nights in Mexico after surgery so that if any complication arises, they can treat it immediately. 3% of leaks are not identified before a patient leaves, so only 1 in 97,000 patients statistically will have a leak discovered after returning home. It’s extremely rare but nevertheless a risk you must be made aware of.

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