Additional Fees (If Applicable and are subject to change. Please check the health questionnaire for up to date fees and pricing):

**These fees only pertain to certain patients and may not be up to date. Please check the Health Questionnaire to see up-to-date additional fees.**

Additional FeesPrice
COVID-19 Evaluation$100.00 (m)
First Companion$245 to $390
Second Companion$195 to $295
Detailed Invoice$45
Extra Expenses$650
Extra Hospital Day$400
Extra Hotel Nights$145
Extra Hotel Nights Suite$175
Financing Surcharge$150
Gallbladder Removal in Surgery$1095
Hepatitis B$995
Hepatitis C$995
Hiatal Hernia$395
High BMI 48.6$395
High BMI 58.6$695
High BMI 68.6$995
High BMI 78.6$1295
High BMI 88.6$1695
Medical Record Copy$45
Open Surgery/Abdominal Trauma$995
Private Nurse$250

(m) = Mandatory for all patients