It will depend on the patient and whether or not this is your first bariatric surgery.

If you have had no previous surgery:

The main question to determine your surgery is your individual health, body mass index, and if you have Acid Reflux or not. If you have GERD or Acid Reflux, gastric sleeve is not recommended as it tends to worsen it. If not, gastric sleeve is the most popular choice for good reason; it is the safest option, doesn’t alter the anatomy, very effective for weight loss, and easy to revise in case it is needed in the future.

When is Gastric Sleeve Surgery (aka Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy) the best option?

  • No Acid Reflux or GERD (Gastric Sleeve makes it worse)
  • BMI 30+
  • More Affordable
  • Reliable
  • No Anatomy Changes
  • 60-70% Excess Weight Loss

When is Gastric Bypass Surgery (aka Roux-en-Y) the best option?

  • Severe Acid Reflux or GERD
  • BMI 35+
  • Slower Metabolism
  • Sweet Tooth
  • More Beneficial in Improving Type II Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease

When is Gastric Balloon the best option?

  • Seeking a non-surgical procedure
  • BMI 27+
  • Only need to lose 20-40 lbs.
  • Removed After 6-12 months
  • Want a short-term option
  • Only 1-2 days overall

When is Duodenal Switch Surgery (aka Biliopancreatic Diversion with Duodenal Switch BPD/DS) the best option?

  • Seeking the most-invasive procedure that alters the anatomy
  • BMI of 40-45+
  • Ready to be on strict vitamins supplements long-term
  • Previous ulcer
  • Highest remission in Type 2 Diabetes and Hypertension
  • Over 75-90% Excess Weight Loss

Please fill out a Health Questionnaire to get reviewed directly by our surgeon. They will tell you the best option for you in regards to your health history.

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