Do You Feel Cold After Gastric Sleeve Surgery?feel cold after gastric sleeve surgery, woman in a jacket

If you do your research, you’ll find that man who undergoes weight loss surgery such as gastric bypass or gastric sleeve experience this. It’s not unusual to feel cold after gastric sleeve, and it can be considered the number one side effect of having weight loss surgery. You are probably wondering if this is okay and why it happens.

What Contributes to This Change?

There are two main contributors to this issue:

1. Fat Loss

The answer is quite simple as to why patients who undergo weight loss surgery experience this sudden change. When you are eating a high-fat diet and are gaining weight, you build up a layer of fat just underneath the skin. This layer of fat is called subcutaneous tissue and acts as a form of insulation and wards off cold. There are, in fact, many types of fat, but this is the one that begins to thin down over the years after surgery and cause you to have more trouble warding off the extreme cold.

There are in fact also more than one type of fat that will be lost as you go through this change.

2. Less Energy Generatedfeel cold after gastric sleeve, girl walking dog with jacket on

Once you are thinner, your body no longer needs to work as hard to use as much energy to keep you moving. When you are carrying all of that extra weight; it can be a strain on the body as it has to generate more energy to keep you going. That energy created by your body will make you feel warmer than when you suddenly weigh a hundred pounds less, and there is less effort involved.

Is This Issue Major?

This issue of feeling cold more regularly is not anything to feel concerned about. It is, in fact, a very minor issue to deal with in comparison to risks involved with obesity such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Just keep in mind that your body has just undergone a procedure that can send it into shock as it readjusts. That adjustment takes time, and you are going to notice the changes as this takes place.

Some say that this issue goes on for a while but then eventually goes away. And many who do not undergo surgery, but eat low-fat diets may experience the same problem as it is to do with losing that layer of fat and not the surgery itself.

Solutionsfeel cold after gastric sleeve, mittens

The solutions to this problem of feeling cold after gastric sleeve surgery are to simply layer up and wait it out. It is helpful that you take care to keep your body heat at a safe level by wearing more layers or turning up the heat
as needed. You can also buy some comfy hats and mittens to keep your hands and ears more warm and cozy.  In time you may very well adjust to where you do not notice such feelings of being colder than usual.

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