What is Gout Disease?

Gout is a painful disease, where uric acid is unable to metabolize correctly in joints until the buildup becomes too much, and triggers what some consider the most painful form of arthritis.

Bariatric Surgery Fights Gout

It is also one of the few joint conditions that affect people both young and old, and it strikes at any moment only to last for several days, fade away, and come back again in the future.

Gout disease is often genetic. But it can also be triggered by food. Your diet has a direct effect on gout, both in the development of uric acid and in triggering the attacks.

Bariatric Surgery Improves Gout

It stands to reason that weight loss surgery could help reduce the frequency of gout attacks because it prevents those with obesity from eating the same volume and types of foods that lead to increases in uric acid. This is also confirmed in the research.

One study looked at 99 individuals that experienced natural gout and underwent bariatric surgery and compared it to a control group that experienced natural gout and did not undergo weight loss surgery. They found several interesting results.

  • First, there was an initial increase in gout attacks for the bariatric surgery group. Rapid weight loss is known to cause uric acid buildup, and after bariatric surgery, there tends to be a very low-calorie diet and rapid weight loss that appears to trigger gout attacks.
  • But after the initial gout was over, the incidence of gout drops dramatically. Those that have undergone bariatric surgery experience less gout than the control group, and a significant reduction in uric acid levels over one year after surgery.

Link Between Diet and Gout Disease

The link between diet and gout is well-established, so the ability of bariatric surgery to control gout attacks is not a surprising one. However, for those with obesity that have had trouble controlling their diet and have struggled with frequent gout, the ability to consistently and efficiently control gout with weight loss surgery is yet another benefit that may make treatment an excellent option.

Bariatric Surgery May Fight Gout

Another Benefit of Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery can reduce, resolve, or cure many obesity-related diseases and health problems. It is also shown beneficial for diseases related to diet, including gout. This provides additional treatment options for critical medical diseases. For those that are struggling with both obesity and gout, the research indicates that it may be worthwhile to consider bariatric surgery.

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