All-Inclusive Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico
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Bariatric Surgery Financing Options

There are no more excuses! Financing weight loss surgery in Mexico is now affordable and accessible regardless of good or bad credit. Mexico Bariatric Center connects you with lenders that provide bariatric surgery financing options.

How Does Financing Weight Loss Surgery Work?

If you have not filled out a health questionnaire, please do so before you apply for financing. When you decide to finance your weight loss procedure, there is obviously a cost to undergoing surgery. The process is a loan, similar to a home loan, but on a much smaller, more affordable scale. Investing in your well being is the best investment you can make!

eFinancing Solutions for Weight Loss Surgery Financing in Mexico

eFinancing Solutions

eFinancing Solutions is one of the top financing options for bariatric surgery in Mexico. They have a simple application with rates starting as low as 3.99% APR. With 6, 12, and 15 months, 0% interest terms are available for qualified applicants. eMedical Financing customizes different financing plans for patients with A, B, and C (above 580) levels of credit.

  • Great Customer Service – Provide the very best customer service and approve more of your customers.
  • Variety of Options – eFinancing Solutions has created solutions for different industries as well as financing programs for different credit levels.
  • Soft Credit Check – We do a soft credit check initially.

24 to 84-month terms. Co-signer accepted for family & non-family.

United Credit

Please do not apply for multiple loans at a time, or you will be denied.

United Credit has helped thousands of applicants secure financing for healthcare procedures through a vast network of healthcare lenders. United Credit, previously known as United Medical Credit (UMC), offers prime and subprime loans through an extensive network.

  • Proven Track Record – Helps patients secure the funding they need for their healthcare procedures.
  • Flexible Options – Able to help you secure the financing you need within the time frame you need.
  • High Standards – Every individual that applies for financing is treated with the utmost care and respect, from start to finish.

UMC is an excellent option for people with high credit scores and can even help customers with less than perfect credit!

* A convenience fee of $395 (>5k) – $595 (<5k) will be added to your surgery balance.

United Credit Banner and Payment Options for Weight Loss Surgery

Medicard® iFinance – Canada Patient Financing

Medicard offers a simple and affordable way to finance your procedure for Canadian medical travelers. This financing provider is known for its flexible loan options that are;

  • Quick and Easy – Easy application process and allows you to immediately acquire the care you desire.
  • High Approval Rate – No down payment, no collateral, and high approval.
  • Competitive Rates – Competitive interest rates and no early payment penalty.

Medicard’s patient financing programs ensure that you don’t delay your treatment any longer, with a variety of financing options with monthly payments.

Medicard - Canada Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico Financing

Payment Options Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a surgery buddy discount if my friend and I get surgery at the same time?2023-11-28T18:31:49+00:00

We offer a special “buddy” discount of $150 off each procedure for patients who schedule their surgeries together for the same date. To be eligible, patients are required to share transportation and a room at the hotel and hospital.

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How to finance my medical expenses with personal loans?2023-05-26T18:59:53+00:00

A personal loan is a form of cash advance that can be used without limitations. Receiving funds is quick, and repaying the loan is expected in short to medium term. Some lenders give you better rates by considering your education, employment history, etc.

Avoid making too many loan inquiries in a short period of time, as it could affect your credit score.

For example, let’s say you need $4,000 to pay for gastric sleeve surgery and are approved for a 2-year loan at a 20.00% annual percentage rate (APR). Over two years, you’d pay back about $4,655 over 24 monthly payments at $193.95. You can compare personal loan financing options here.

Best places to secure a personal loan:

  • Partnership with
  • Banks (needs excellent credit history)
  • Credit Unions (lower rates and low credit scores)
  • Peer-to-Peer / Marketplace Lenders (average to fair credit)
  • Online Lenders (relaxed credit requirements and quick funding)

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What Additional Fees Can I Expect?2024-03-12T23:34:48+00:00

Additional Fees (If Applicable and are subject to change. Please check the health questionnaire for up to date fees and pricing):


**These fees only pertain to specific patients and may not be up to date. Please check the Health Questionnaire to see up-to-date additional fees.**

Additional FeesPrice
Umbilical Hernia$1,095
First Companion$245 to $390
Second Companion$195 to $295
Detailed Invoice$59
Extra Expenses$650
Extra Hospital Day$400
Extra Hotel Nights$159
Extra Hotel Nights Suite$189
Financing Convenience Fee (under 5,000)$395
Financing Convenience Fee (over 5,000)$595
Gallbladder Removal in Surgery$995
Hepatitis B$995
Hepatitis C$995
Hiatal Hernia$395
High BMI 48.6$395
High BMI 58.6$695
High BMI 68.6$995
High BMI 78.6$1295
High BMI 88.6$1595
High BMI 98.6$1995
Medical Record Copy$45
Medical Tourism Insurance (MTI)$149
Open Surgery/Abdominal Trauma$995
Private Nurse$250


Do you accept CareCredit?2023-05-26T20:40:35+00:00

CareCredit is accepted, but because we perform surgery in Mexico, your card may only work if it is a Mastercard and Discover.

You can try paying your deposit on our website and your coordinator will contact you if the payment did not go through.

Contact your coordinator or our main office at 855-768-7247 if you have any questions or need help with your payments.

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How Do I Schedule My Surgery Date?2024-02-28T16:32:54+00:00

In order to schedule your surgery date, we first need a security deposit. The required deposit is $200 (non-refundable) or $500 (partially refundable). You can pay your deposit here. After you make your payment, please reach out to your patient coordinator to get your surgery officially scheduled.

If you need to change your surgery date, we do allow 1 reschedule. If you reschedule more than one time, we require an additional $200 (non-refundable) deposit which is also applied to your final balance. You must make your final payment or have proof (if cashier’s check or cash) 21 days prior to your surgery date!

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What Payment Methods are Accepted?2024-02-28T16:34:23+00:00

General Payment Instructions

  • All funds are represented and payable in USD.
  • A minimum non-refundable down payment of $200.00 is required to secure your surgery date (DEBIT/CREDIT CARD OR ZELLE REQUIRED FOR DOWN PAYMENT).
  • Be sure your Name is on your payment receipt, to be sure the payment is applied to your account.
  • Be sure you upload a copy of your payment receipts to
  • Be sure to Fax a copy of your Wire or Payment Receipt to 1-855-453-2329

Preferred Payment Options:

1) Cashier’s Check (no fee)

  • Payable to: Mexico Bariatric Center
  • Please send a copy/picture to (21) days prior to your scheduled surgery date
  • Bring the Cashier’s Check with you to Mexico

2) Zelle (no fee)

Send money to:
(Not all banks offer Zelle as an option.  If you do not see it as an option; contact your bank)

From your Online Banking account using your computer or phone

  • Log in to your online banking account
  • If you have not set up Zelle before; follow your online bank instructions by enrolling using your Email and U.S. mobile phone number
  • Payments made with Zelle may be limited.  Typically payments can be made every 24 hours. Please contact your bank about your daily limits, as this varies by bank or account type.
  • Send your desired amount to Mexico Bariatric Center (Registered as Sourcis, Inc) using our email:

You may be prompted to create a contact to move forward with the transaction. This is for your contact database only.

  • Payments can be made via Zelle until your surgery is paid in full as long as it is done 21 days in advance.
  • Receipts for Zelle payments will be sent once the payment is fully processed through our systems. This may take 3-5 business days. If you have any questions about your Zelle payment please reach out to your coordinator.

Using the Zelle App:

  • Download the Zelle App on your phone.
  • Find your Bank using the App.  If you don’t see your bank listed please contact your bank. Not all banks offer this service.
  • Sign in to your online banking and follow the directions above.

Send money to:

3) Direct Deposit* (1.5% added fee)

Alternative Payment Options:

1) Credit Card (credit card – 5% added fee)

  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

2) In-person Deposits* (1.5% added fee for cash deposits)

3) Wire Transfer* (wire transfer- $20 added fee)

You can contact Mexico Bariatric Center for more information

4) Cash

We also have financing options available.

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Do you accept credit cards?2023-10-18T21:29:11+00:00

Mexico Bariatric Center accepts major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express. We also offer a variety of additional payment options like cash, wire transfer, money orders, and cashier checks.


If you want to make a payment online with a credit or debit card, click here to make a payment. *Remember there is a 5% fee for credit/debit payments.

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Do you accept HSA or FSA?2024-02-28T16:32:21+00:00

Yes, we do accept it, but it is up to your FSA/HSA provider.

Here are steps you can try:

  1. Make a payment online: You can try paying your $200 deposit online using your FSA/HSA card. If it doesn’t go through, continue to the next step.
  2. Send an email to to request a Letter of Medical Necessity (Reimbursement Request) to submit to your HSA/FSA provider.

If you have any questions or need additional help, contact your patient coordinator or our main office at 855-768-7247.

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What Financing Options are Available for WLS?2024-02-28T16:34:31+00:00

A $200.00 USD surgery deposit payment is due at the time of booking your WLS appointment. Finance companies DO NOT provide the deposit payment funds and will be your responsibility. Financing options include;

Personal Loan
Multiple Lenders, including SoFi, Bank of America
Apply Here

United Credit
855-503-1800 or 949-534-0599
*Add a $150 processing fee for any loan secured through United Credit.

eFinancing Solutions:

Financing in Canada
iFinance Canada: 888-689-9876

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What is Included in My Surgery Package?2023-09-05T17:18:52+00:00

Our all-inclusive package includes basically everything besides the flight.

  • Ground Transportation
  • Hospital Fees
  • Surgeons Fees
  • Anesthesiologist Fees
  • Antibiotics and Pain Medicine
  • Registered Dietitian
  • 2 or 3 Nights at Hospital
  • 1 Night Hotel Stay (Pre-Op)
  • Titanium Staples
  • Discharge Medication
  • On-Call Surgeon Liaison (Medical Specialist)
  • Pre-Op Lab Testing/Blood Work
  • Post-Op Testing/Leak Tests
  • Aftercare Support (Facebook support group with over 5,000 past patients)
  • Patient Coordinator for all your needs
  • Medical Instruments/Equipment
  • WI-FI in hospital and hotel
  • Optional Medical Tourism Insurance Coverage
  • Companion at $245 for sleeve and $390 for other procedures due to COVID protocols

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How Much is the Deposit to Schedule?2024-02-28T16:33:46+00:00

You can choose to pay a deposit of $200.00 (non-refundable) or $500.00 (partially refundable) must be made to schedule your surgery. You can pay your deposit online > Make a Payment

Remaining Balance Deposit: Twenty-one (21) days before surgery, you need to pay the entire remaining balance of the surgery or if you choose to pay with a cashier’s check please send proof to your patient coordinator 21 days before surgery.

Please make sure your Health Questionnaire is approved before paying your surgery deposit.

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Financing Weight Loss Surgery - What are my financing options for bariatric surgery

Who Needs Financing to Pay for Bariatric Surgery?

Are your health and happiness worth it? That’s where you’ll find the answer.

If the idea of having your bariatric surgery in Mexico is appealing, but you lack the cash to pay for it, then financing may be the best option. We have access to some top financing companies that can help facilitate the whole process. Most offer low-stress, easy-to-payback plans and terms available that can fit your individual needs. Weight loss surgery is a life-saving procedure. Do not let access to cash stop you from achieving happiness. Get patient financing now, and enjoy the rest of your life.

Cannot Afford Surgery

If you do not have the funds to pay for surgery fully, financing can offer full or partial loan options.

Lower Financial Stress

For peace of mind, financing can protect you if you need to keep a safety net in your bank.

Waiting on Tax Return

If you are awaiting a tax return, financial stimulus, or a paycheck, financing can get you funds within a few days.

Get Surgery Scheduled Sooner

Instead of postponing surgery until you have the cash, a loan can help fast-track your transformation.

Mexico Bariatric Center Costs and Pricing Information

Bariatric surgery has been a proven tool to reduce weight when alternatives like diet and exercise don’t work. Even with the cheaper costs of weight loss surgery in Mexico, if you don’t have extra cash, financing may be the only possible option to literally save your life. Obesity causes over 300,000 deaths per year, with the related health problems resulting in 1 out of 5 deaths. Weight loss surgery financing can propel you to enjoying a healthier more productive life.

Mexico Bariatric Center® understands that coming up with the money to get procedures like gastric sleeve surgery, gastric bypass, or revision surgery is not so simple. That is why we offer all-inclusive weight loss surgery packages with financing options. Financing companies can help you pay for all of the fees associated with bariatric surgery including hospital fees, surgical fees, pre-op and post-op tests, hotel stay, transportation, etc.

If you’re interested in learning more about patient financing please contact us today by calling 855-768-7247.

Check out our guide: How to Pay for Bariatric Surgery Without Insurance

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Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico Payment Options

Procedures like gastric bypass and gastric sleeve can be rather costly in the United States – ranging up to $25,000+. In Mexico, however, gastric sleeve surgery can be as low as $4,395 with trusted bariatric providers like Mexico Bariatric Center.

Mexico Bariatric Center Credit Card

We offer the following payment types: health savings accounts (depends on which company), wire transferscredit cards (Visa and MasterCard) as well as personal checks, cashiers check, and money orders.