Ever faced challenges with the shine and health of your hair? You might be surprised to learn that what you eat plays a significant role in the thickness and appearance of your locks. Your post-diet is more than just a source of energy; it’s a key factor in promoting healthy hair growth. While adhering to personalized nutrition guidelines is crucial, let’s explore a general overview of foods that can support robust hair growth and those that are better left untouched.

Best Foods for Healthy Hair

1. Almond Butter: Packed with protein, healthy fats, and vitamin E, almond butter is a formidable ally in maintaining lustrous hair. Vitamin E, known to boost hair growth by up to 42%, can be easily integrated into your daily routine with just a tablespoon of almond butter.

2. Tangerines: Rich in vitamin C, tangerines aid iron absorption from foods like spinach. They’re also a source of vitamin B12, which helps curb hair loss and slow down the graying process.

3. Spinach: Abundant in iron and sebum – a natural hair conditioner, spinach is a superfood for hair growth. It’s also a wellspring of omega-3 acids, magnesium, potassium, and calcium.

4. Greek Yogurt: With high protein and vitamin B5 content, Greek yogurt promotes blood flow to the scalp, encouraging healthy hair growth.

5. Salmon: Omega-3 fatty acids in salmon provide an anti-inflammatory effect, supporting overall hair health and reducing the risk of hair loss.

6. Cinnamon: Elevate your hair health by improving circulation and oxygen delivery to hair follicles. This versatile spice pairs well with various foods, from oatmeal to yams.

7. Oatmeal: Rich in omega-3 fatty acids and polyunsaturated fats, oatmeal complements cinnamon’s benefits for maintaining healthy hair.

8. Eggs: A rich source of biotin, eggs contribute to strong hair growth and resilient nails. Similar benefits can be found in almonds, salmon, and avocados.

9. Lean Poultry: Lean protein from sources like poultry, fish, and grass-fed beef aids muscle maintenance and growth, helping replace lost hairs.

10. Nuts and Seeds: Pistachios, cashews, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds contain oils and biotin, supporting healthy hair growth.

11. Sweet Potatoes: With beta-carotene, sweet potatoes stimulate sebum production, guarding against dull hair. Other beta-carotene sources include carrots, pumpkin, cantaloupe, and mangoes.

Worst Foods for Hair

1. Swordfish: High mercury levels in swordfish can lead to hair loss. Steer clear of mercury-rich fish like swordfish and mackerel, and moderate your tuna intake.

2. Diet Soda: Artificial sweeteners in diet soda, like aspartame, are linked to hair loss and are best avoided.

3. Sugar: Beyond its other negative effects, sugar hampers protein absorption, weakening defenses against hair loss.

4. Starchy Whites: Processed starches (white pasta, bread, etc.) can thin your hair due to their conversion into sugar.

5. Alcohol: Alcohol depletes zinc levels essential for hair growth and overall skin health.

6. Fast Food: Greasy fast foods contribute to greasy skin and clogged scalp pores, potentially leading to hair loss.

If you do decide to eat out it’s best to stick to healthy nutritious options. Check out this McDonald’s guide for ideas on what you can have!

Follow Medical Guidelines

Again, it is still important that those undergoing weight loss surgeries listen to their nutritionist and medical professionals in terms of what foods to eat and to avoid. This list is meant as a general guideline as hair loss is a very common issue and can be reduced or prevented through proper dietary and lifestyle habits.

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