Gastric Banding (Lap-Band) Surgery Costs

The costs of a Lap-Band®, also known as Gastric Banding, are right on par with other types of weight loss surgery, such as gastric sleeve and RNY gastric bypass. It is important to consider that costs can vary from nation to nation, but so can the type of service that you receive.

A Silicone Adjustable Band is placed laparoscopically on top of the stomach to create restriction and limit the amount of food intake!

The gastric band is becoming less and less popular due to its ineffectiveness in losing weight and long-term complications. The band is used in a limited number of patients as well as rescuing failed bariatric surgeries like gastric bypass.

The lap band’s high costs may be partly or fully covered by one’s medical insurance. For patients with high deductibles or without insurance, crossing the border for lap band in Mexico is a viable option.

Gastric Banding-Adjustable Gastric Band-Lap Band Surgery

The cost of Lap-Band Surgery in Mexico is much more affordable than the United States and Canada. In fact, Mexico Bariatric Center® can save patients up to 70% on procedures like Lap-Band.

What is Included in Lap Band Surgery Cost?

When you are considering the lap-band procedure, regardless of whether you are self-pay or not, you should take care to understand what the cost involves. The total price is going to include the fees for the hospital stay, the surgeon & the anesthesiologist, and the brand-name band itself.

Once you decide that you want to undergo lap band surgery, the next step is to choose a surgeon and a surgery center where you can go through the operation. Although the lap band requires a surgeon with specific expertise, sometimes this can alter the cost associated with your surgery.

Cost should definitely play a role in determining who will perform your lap band surgery and where, but it should not be the only consideration that you make. You should try to find a balance between a high-quality surgeon and surgery center, and a price that fits within your budget. Finding a happy medium between the quality of procedure and quantity of price will give you the best chance of being completely satisfied with the results that you receive.

In the United States, a different emphasis is placed on the cost of certain services, such as the surgeon’s individual fees and the cost of the hospital room for example. On the other hand, in Mexico, most surgery packages are sold as medical tourism all-inclusive packages. The flat rate that you are charged will include the device, room and board, the surgical procedure itself, the surgeons, and anything else you need during your recovery.

Just as with surgery in the United States, you should be able to receive a rundown of the costs involved in your surgery so that you know exactly what you are paying for and how much. Also, make sure the band the physician is using is a brand-name and not aftermarket.

How Much is Lap Band Surgery?

The costs for gastric banding can range from $12,000 to $25,000 within the United States and Canada. Mexico is a popular destination for medical travelers considering the differences in average prices and quality from country to country. The same bariatric operation performed in Mexico may be discounted by up to 70%.

Patients may qualify for private pay or cash pay discounts from certain providers. Many insurers are willing to cover many of the medical costs of this procedure based on specified qualification factors. Candidates should research in detail the benefits offered by their insurance provider before scheduling.

Lap Band Prices Around the World

Many patients are often surprised to hear that the average cost of gastric banding in Mexico is actually considerably less compared to the U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. A major reason for the cost difference is the lack of malpractice insurance in Mexico. Lower medical staff salaries, office rent, and other expenses also contribute to the low price tag.



Costa Rica$9,000
United States$15,000

How Much is Lap Band Surgery in Mexico?

One of the advantages of paying for travel to Mexico for the bariatric procedures out-of-pocket is that it may simplify the preparation process. Some of the strict requirements of insurance companies are bypassed if candidates can pay for gastric banding privately.

In Mexico, the cost of Lap-Band surgery tends to range between $5,695 and $6,800. The cost of living is less expensive in Mexico, especially when compared with the United States’ cost of living. Overhead expenses for hospitals and medical providers are much less costly. This translates into huge savings for those seeking medical tourists.

There may be additional costs related to gastric banding beyond the costs of surgery. Fills or adjustments following the procedure can cost between $35 and $200. Discuss with your surgeon the inclusions of everything covered within the quoted price of the gastric banding.

At our Mexico bariatric surgery center, we do everything we can to help you achieve the new life you have been dreaming about. All the solutions we offer are affordable when compared to the United States.

We provide additional financing options to patients who require extra assistance. Through carefully selected third parties, you may be able to finance your procedure with monthly long-term payments that fit your budget.

All-Inclusive Lap Band Surgery

Here is a list of some of the services Mexico Bariatric Center® offers included in the package:

  • Private Transportation
  • Accredited Surgical Center (1-night stay)
  • Brand Name Band and Equipment
  • Anesthesiologist and Nurses
  • Aftercare Support Group
  • Pre/Post-Op Nutritionist
  • Hotel Stay
  • Take-Home Medication

Benefits of Lap Band in Mexico

  • Mexico’s waitlist is significantly lower in the U.S. and Canada. Canada is known for one of the longest wait times of bariatric surgery, sometimes being years. In Mexico, as long as you’re qualified, you can undergo surgery within a month.
  • Mexico surgeons are qualified and trained similar to United States standards – dedicated to patients beyond borders seeking bariatric surgery. Lap band surgeons can be highly skilled in performing lap band successfully. Unfortunately, the gastric band is linked to many complications and risks.

Compare Bariatric Surgery Mexico Costs [Up to Date]

Best Lap Band Surgeons in Mexico

Mexico Bariatrics works with a team of bariatric surgeons that are world leaders in gastric banding procedure, conducting hundreds of band operations for patients from around the globe who have come to us. Many of the doctors have received extensive training and have vast experience in this field.

The surgery with the gastric band is minimally invasive and done under anesthesia. The surgical teams working with MBC are using the Ortiz Anti-Slip Stitch treatment, an exclusive method that the lead physician has built to ensure greater long-term success.

Since our bariatric surgeons are among the most qualified in the world, we can minimize costs by getting you back on your feet in as little time as possible. The length of stay for lap band surgery at our Mexico bariatric surgery center is just one day at the hospital and two days at a high-end hotel.

If you’re ready to start on a journey to a new life, contact us today and see for yourself why we’re known as one of the world leaders in weight management and obesity prevention.

Gastric Band (Lap-Band) Adjustments

Gastric Banding Side EffectsCorrect and sensitive adjustment of the Lap-Band is extremely important for the long-term success of the procedure. Gastric banding adjustments costs range in price depending on your doctor’s location and whether or not you are covered by insurance.

These costs vary from $75 per lap band adjustment to over $250 per adjustment out-of-pocket. The gastric band fills can be more expensive, with the price ranging anywhere from $110 to $500 per visit if you pay out-of-pocket. You can typically find a bariatric surgeon located near you who can do fills and adjustments. Fortunately, the costs can be covered by your insurance provider. Standard follow-ups after lap band surgery are usually free with your bariatric surgeon.

Adjustments are performed using an X-ray fluoroscope so that the radiologist may assess the placement of the band, the port, and the tubing that runs between the port and the band. The patient is given a small cup of liquid that contains a radio-opaque fluid similar to barium-clear or white. When swallowed, the fluid is clearly shown on X-ray and is watched as it travels down the esophagus and through the restriction caused by the band. The radiologist is then able to see the level of restriction in the band and to assess if there are potential or developing issues of concern.

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