Gastric Banding Success Stories – Patient Photos*

Below are gastric banding success stories that have undergone surgery with Mexico Bariatric Center. If you’ve undergone surgery with us, we’d like to hear how you’re progressing.

gastric banding success storygastric banding success story


Miley’s Gastric Banding Success Story (Lap-Band)

Initial Weight: 220 lb BMI: 35
Surgery: Lap-band
Surgery Date: January 18th, 2010
After Pic: November 2010

I have lost more than 90 pounds now!!! I feel just great!! I can play with my kids all day long!! Thank you so much for your help, love the Lap-Band System! I’m euphoric, and I recommended it 100% you just change my life! Thank you!

What is a Gastric Banding Surgery?

Gastric Banding Surgery is a restrictive weight loss surgery that uses an implant to restrict the upper portion of the stomach. This restriction forces the patient to feel fuller quicker, and thus induces less caloric intake. This less consumption will lead to substantial weight loss.

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