These are success stories of Gastric Bypass before and after photos and journeys of past patients who have made great progress following gastric bypass surgery. We are lucky to follow their lifestyle changes and incredible progress losing weight.

Gastric bypass surgery is a huge decision to make. Even as one of the most effective weight loss procedures, gastric bypass patients must work hard and be dedicated to lifestyle, nutritional, and physical changes to be successful.

These are real people who found real success with gastric bypass surgery. Please post in the comments of your success or if you would like submit gastric bypass before and after photos.

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Weight Loss to Expect with Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric bypass has become one of the longest performed bariatric surgeries with massive amounts of patient success.

With being an extremely effective procedure to combat morbid obesity, gastric bypass surgery is more complicated due to using both restriction and malabsorption to provide patients with substantial weight loss.

In order to reach your goal weight, it’s important to make significant lifestyle changes, especially through post-op diet, physical activity, and vitamins/supplements.

Weight loss is significant and begins immediately following gastric sleeve surgery. The best results typically happen in patients who change their lifestyle habits through diet, exercise, and post-op diet.

Average expected weight loss results are:

  • 3 months post-op: 30-40% excess weight loss*

  • 6 months post-op: 50-55% excess weight loss*

  • 12 months post-op: 65-75% excess weight loss*

  • 18 months post-op: 70-80% excess weight loss*

*Individual results may vary

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Expected Weight Loss - Gastric Sleeve Before and After Pictures

Gastric Bypass Before and After Pictures – Female Photos

Heather – Gastric Bypass Surgery on December 2015 with Dr. Ponce

Heather - Gastric Bypass Surgery - Gastric Bypass Before and After Photos - Female Pictures

Before: December 2015 / After: January 2017

  • Heaviest Weight (HW): 475 lbs.
  • Starting Weight (SW): 383 lbs
  • Current Weight (CW): 155 lbs
  • Goal Weight (GW): 170 lbs

“Having my surgery was the most life-changing experience. From start to finish the process was easy, everything was above and beyond what I expected. I couldn’t be more grateful to MBC for the chance to fully live my life again!”

Tiffany – Gastric Bypass Surgery in April 2018

Tiffany - Gastric Bypass Surgery - Gastric Bypass Before and After Photos - Female Pictures - RNY

Before: April 2018 / After: June 2018

“RNY April 11, 2018. Down 30 pounds and went from a size 20 to a size 12. I’m the type of person that looks in the mirror and doesn’t see change. I constantly take pictures to remind myself that my body is indeed changing, and I absolutely love it!”

Rebecca – Gastric Bypass Surgery on January 2018 with Dr. Alejandro Gutierrez

Rebecca Gastric Bypass Surgery - Gastric Bypass Before and After Photos - Female Pictures RNY

Before: January 2018 / After: May 2018

  • Heaviest Weight (HW): 288 lbs.
  • Starting Weight (SW): 288 lbs.
  • Current Weight (CW): 205 lbs.
  • Goal Weight (GW): 154 lbs.
  • Total Loss (TL): 82.6 lbs. in 4 months

“Photo was done a month ago when I was 4 months post-op. Am now 5 months post-op. Surgery was 24th of January 2018. I flew over with my friend from New Zealand and Dr. Gutierrez was my wonderful surgeon. I’d do it all again – but I don’t plan to!!”

Sheena – Gastric Bypass Surgery on April 2016 with Dr. Ponce

Sheena - Gastric Bypass Surgery - Gastric Bypass Before and After Photos - Female Pictures - RNY

Before: April 2016 / After: April 2017

  • Total Loss (TL): 162 lbs. so far

“1-year surgiversary

RNY 4/22/16

162# gone forever!!”

Jennifer – Gastric Bypass Surgery on February 2018

Jennifer - Gastric Bypass Surgery - Gastric Bypass Before and After Photos - Female Pictures - RNY

Before December 2017 / After June 2018

  • Heaviest Weight (HW): 252 lbs.
  • Starting Weight (SW): 244 lbs.
  • Current Weight (CW): 198 lbs.
  • Goal Weight (GW): 130 lbs.
  • Total Loss (TL): 54 lbs. so far

“Christmas 2017 and today…down 54 lbs RNY on February 2018”

What to Expect After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

With all our patients success, Mexico Baraitric Center shares gastric bypass before and after pictures, results, and stories for those who haven’t committed to weight loss surgery a look at what to expect with gastric bypass surgery.

Major Life-Changing Benefits of RNY Gastric Bypass Surgery

  • Expected weight loss of 65-75% within first-year post-op
  • Successful in removing, improving, or remission of obesity-related comorbidities (health concerns)
  • Improved quality of life
  • Non-scale victories (NSV’s)
  • Feel better about yourself and a boosted sense of self
  • Lifestyle changes

Your Skin After Gastric Bypass Surgery

The RNY gastric bypass is performed laparoscopically, making it minimally invasive using 4 to 5 abdominal incisions. This reduces scarring and promotes healing/recovery. The drawback of losing weight rapidly is increasing the possibility of having excess, sagging skin. There are ways to reduce excess skin, although sometimes plastic and cosmetic surgery is needed to remove it in places like the arms, thighs, stomach, etc.

Loose, Sagging, and Excess Skin

Loose skin becomes apparent after significant weight loss. Everyone has different skin elasticity, meaning some people have excess skin after gastric bypass and some people do not. If sagging skin exists, plastic surgery procedures may help.