Gastric Bypass Success Stories – Patient Photos*

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What is Gastric Bypass?

Gastric Bypass Surgery is a weight loss surgery that combines malabsorptive and restrictive surgical technique to provide high expected weight loss. Gastric Bypass Surgery is a very powerful operation, similar to a duodenal switch, and like this saved for morbidly obese patients.

Contact MBC caring patient coordinators to walk you through this life-changing experience and help you achieve gastric bypass success – at no time you will be on “losers bench.”

Gastric Bypass Success!

Below are MBC’s success stories of patients who have undergone gastric bypass with Mexico Bariatric Center. Learn more about our company our company and how we’ve helped hundreds of patients rid themselves of obesity – losers bench. MBC offers one of the highest quality and lowest priced gastric bypass packages in the medical tourism industry. View all of our Video Testimonials.

*Various Gastric Bypass Success Stories

Below, are actual gastric bypass success stories and photos from former patients who underwent their surgery with Mexico Bariatric Center.

*Gastric Bypass Testimonials

MBC Weight Loss Surgery Before and After, gastric bypass success

My husband had a great time. The day I got released from the hospital we took a taxi to Tijuana Beach.The second day, we went to a little town Puerto Nuevo, which is about 45 miles up the coast, my husband had a meal fit for a king (3 lobsters, soup, rice, salad handmade tortillas, a margarita) for $15. I was completely fine eating my fresh lime popsicle. We went souvenir shopping. Then we had the driver take us to Rosarita Beach. We walked the beach for awhile then went shopping some more and looked around. I simply cannot say enough about Dr. Valenzuela. After surgery, he not only checked on his patients but also Dr. Cabrera’s patients, as well. I feel I made the right choice with Dr. Valenzuela and Dr. Cabrera. 

I also wanted to let you know how helpful and professional both Eduardo and Abraham were. Without them, things would not have run so smoothly. They both are quite an asset to your operation. When Eduardo said he was going to be there at a certain time, he was there, usually waiting on me. I have already started promoting a lot on the Vertical Sleeve website, and I will be glad to help you out in any way. I am sad to be home I enjoyed it so much.

Thanks again for all your help, Jackie

Gastric Bypass Success

The experience was fantastic; the staff was excellent. I would recommend this hospital personnel and surgeons to anyone; Tijuana was a wonderful place to visit my wife, and I did some walking around, and we also had a tour set up by our coordinator. Danny was a lot of fun. We even went out to an organic taco restaurant. Christie, one of my nurses, was fantastic, young and full of life she made the stay in the hospital enjoyable.- Thank You Again, Don

Gastric Bypass Surgery Success

I had surgery at Mexico Bariatric on June 24th of this year; I have lost 41 lbs post surgery, for a total of 88 pounds since the first of the year. This has been the best thing I have ever done! I am off all my diabetic meds, and my glucose is normal. I am so much healthier, and feel great!- Linda – Patient Testimonial


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