Shauna’s Gastric Sleeve Success Story

I did the gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana, Mexico on March 3rd, 2016 with Mexico Bariatric Center®.

Shauna - Gastric Sleeve Before and After It was a little scary being 17 and having a surgery that would change my life forever but it was the best decision I ever made. Being approved for surgery was such an exciting moment for me because I knew it was really happening! My highest weight was 293 lbs, my starting weight was 286 lbs, my current weight is 161 lbs, and my goal weight is 140 lbs.

Why I Reached Out to Mexico Bariatric Center

I reached out to Mexico Bariatric Center because my mom had the Gastric Sleeve in Mexico the previous year before my surgery & seeing her progress inspired me to do it as well. A couple of steps I’m taking to reach my goal weight is running around my neighborhood or going to the gym.

18-Year-Old Shares Her Gastric Sleeve Surgery Experience

I don’t really face any challenges internally but externally would have to be trying to tell a difference in myself with my before and after pictures. Stepping on a scale and seeing myself getting closer and closer to my goal is extremely exciting just knowing that it was possible to change my habits.

My Experience with Mexico Bariatric Center

Shauna - Gastric Sleeve Experience in Tijuana Mexico

Before surgery, I was almost in a 3x shirt. Thanks to my amazing experience with MBC, I am now wearing a size medium!

My overall experience traveling to Tijuana was great, my favorite part was the shopping spree after surgery and getting to see more of the culture there.

Tips for Future Patients

Some tips I would give to future gastric sleeve patients is to make sure you have a heating pad. I was miserable without one. Secondly, the people you have caring for you while you’re in Tijuana will be the best people you will ever meet.

Also, I bought Gatorade and froze it so after surgery I could have something cold, I made my own little popsicles because all the hospital had was ice.